In Charmed’s Season 3, Episode 4, Mel has gone back to teaching college students, but an incident of bullying in class ends up teaching him a lesson on alliances.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Charmed Season 3, Episode 4, “You Can’t Touch This”, which aired on Sunday on The CW.

Now that all the magic has been saved, CharmedIn the last episode, “You Can’t Touch This”, Mel and Maggie go back to school. In the opening of Episode 4, Mel is teaching a college class titled “The Intersectionality of Inequality.” However, during her lecture on how activism must be interrupted to create change, a case of transphobic bullying eventually leads Mel to learn how to be a better ally.

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In Mel’s class, a student named Dylan bullies a trans student named Kevin for correctly answering his question, saying, “Okay, girlfriend.” Mel becomes aware of the incident and then asks Kevin what happened. Kevin reveals that Dylan, his roommate, put a bra on the bed for him, but that’s fine as “he’s faced worse things.” Mel insists that he can do something about it by filing a complaint and Kevin responds with a laugh, “A complaint? Against a scholarship athlete? No.” Kevin adds, “I spend every day fighting so I just want to live my life.”

However, Mel does not give up her desire to help. She tells Kevin that she will talk to the dean to see if he can add the book. Overcoming gender boundaries, written by a trans woman, to the class program. Kevin is surprised but excited about the idea of ​​his class covering a book that he has already read and “put away [his] life. “Ultimately, however, Mel is unable to get the syllabus book, as the dean informs her that syllabi are decided the year before, but that she is welcome to ‘campaign’ for next year.

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Defeated, she later tells Kevin that she couldn’t get the curriculum book, and he appreciates that she tried. However, Mel reveals that, at her urging, the dean agreed to give Kevin a private bedroom with a private bathroom so he doesn’t have to deal with Dylan’s bullying. Mel, smiling and thinking that she made make a positive impact, asks you when you will be moving.

Kevin, however, responds that he is not going to change bedrooms. At first, Mel doesn’t understand why he would pass up this opportunity, as Dylan has been “terrible” to him. Kevin responds, “All my life I have struggled to be seen. If I let an insecure athlete embarrass me in the shadows, then why have I been fighting?” Kevin adds, “Dylan will have to sit in his discomfort because I’m not going anywhere.”

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Then, instead of trying to “fix” things, Mel asks for Kevin, listening to his needs. She asks him about his discomfort and he says: “Forcing him to see and know me is my protest.” That’s when Mel realizes that while what he did for Kevin was well-intentioned, he didn’t think about the impact of it, or whether Kevin really wanted it at all. Learn that the first step to being a trans ally is to listen to what would help first, rather than trying to solve the problem without listening to what the trans person or trans community is saying.

Ultimately, and inspired by defeating “Goozilla”, Mel sneaks Overcoming gender boundaries in the classroom, adding it to your syllabus without permission from the Dean or department. That It’s what Kevin wanted, and Mel decides, despite the personal cost (as he told his students earlier), it’s worth everyone to read to open their minds and hearts.

Charmed stars Sarah Jeffery, Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans, Valerie Cruz, Ser’Darius Blain, and Ellen Tamaki. New episodes of Charmed air on The CW on Sundays at 9pm ET / PT.

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