The Titanic movie was almost a disaster on its own, with budget and production issues, cast and crew illnesses, and more. Fortunately, he stayed the course.

James Cameron Titanic is possibly one of the most iconic movies ever created. Even to this day, it has remained a pop culture gem, with numerous references, memes, and a genuine admiration for the movie popping up all the time.

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But despite his obvious box office achievements (which would only be surpassed by Cameron Avatar later) and praise from critics, the price for such success was not so cheap. Cameron and his team had to go through many trials to achieve Titanic the great movie that is.

10 Cameron’s reputation was established

Before going into finer details, it is first worth mentioning that Titanic was THE movie that solidified Cameron’s reputation as “the scariest man in Hollywood”, partly because of his supposed need for perfectionism and partly because of his supposedly demanding and uncompromising nature.

Just looking at the pre-production (when he actually dived into the water to film the actual “Titanic” wreck and then had a nearly identical model of the ship built for filming) already shows the amount of detail Cameron wanted to put in. on film, regardless of cost.

9 They were poisoned with soup

The film features some underwater footage of the actual “Titanic” wreck that Cameron filmed while on board the “Akademik Mstislav Keldysh.” Interestingly, when I was filming these scenes, he and the crew were poisoned while in Canada.

An angry crew member put the dissociative drug PCP in a soup, which was consumed by Cameron and the other crew members in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. More than 50 people were taken to the hospital, while Cameron managed to vomit before the drug fully affected him. The person responsible was never caught.

8 Critics found anachronisms

With a movie set during a particular historical period, it is important that the characters behave appropriately. That’s why the cast, even the extras, were trained by a full time etiquette coach then they knew the manners of the upper class nobility in 1912.

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And yet, attentive critics still managed to find anachronisms – even Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

7 Kate Winslet suffered … a lot

When looking TitanicIt’s not hard to imagine how difficult the shoot was, judging by all the complicated shots in the film. But there was one person in particular who suffered greatly: lead actress Kate Winslet.

Winslet broke an elbow bone and was concerned she might drown when filming the sinking of the ship in a 17 million gallon tank. As he later admitted, he was afraid of Cameron. Could it be that she was more afraid of him than drowning?

6 Leonardo DiCaprio needed a trick

In one of the film’s most iconic scenes, DiCaprio’s character Jack draws Winslet’s character Rose, stark naked, safe for the Heart of the Ocean diamond he is wearing.

DiCaprio, however, is not a very good artist and needed a trick for the shot. The sketch itself was created by Cameron, who is an accomplished illustrator. His hand is also the one in the shot. That said, because DiCaprio is right-handed and Cameron is left-handed, the shot had to be reflected in post-production.

5 They all got sick

Winslet was not the only one whose health was in danger (although she was definitely the one who suffered the most).

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The shoot itself ran from 138 days to 160 days and during filming, many cast members got sick with colds, flu and kidney infections because they spent hours in the cold water. Winslet was no exception and also fell ill.

4 The crew members began to resign

Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic

While the cast members were getting sick, the crew members had no better time. In fact, many of them started quitting along the way. Several people left the production, which was likely due, at least in part, to filming conditions and Cameron’s alleged controlling nature. Three specialists even broke bones.

3 “My Heart Will Go On” was hardly in the movie

Composer James Horner definitely did a great job with the score. For the voices heard throughout the film, he hired Norwegian singer Sissel. But the most iconic song of all, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion, was hardly in the movie.

Cameron didn’t want singing songs to appear in the film, so Horner wrote the song with Will Jennings in secret. Later, her husband convinced Celine Dion to record a demo and Horner waited for the right moment to introduce her to Cameron. The director heard it several times and agreed to use it.

two Producers began to panic

Although it was relatively easy for Cameron to get the film to unfold and start production, things became more difficult for the director.

The budget for the film was already large, but it eventually grew to $ 200 million, which Titanic the most expensive movie ever made at the time. Fox executives began to panic and suggested an hour of specific cuts of the movie that ran for three hours at the time. Producers thought a long movie would mean fewer screenings and less revenue, but Cameron refused to shorten it.

1 People assumed the movie would be a disaster

Rose and Jack at the table.

Before the movie was delayed, it fueled speculation that Titanic It wasn’t just a disaster movie, but a literal movie disaster. Fortunately, after initial previews, word of mouth spread across the Internet, positively impacting expectations for the film.

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