Some classic episodes of The Muppet Show on Disney + have now been slapped with a content prompt in the hopes that doing so will start a conversation.

Disney + has made the decision to include offensive content disclaimers prior to certain episodes of The Muppet Show. After ending its five seasons in 1981, Jim Henson’s popular variety show has made a comeback via Disney’s subscription streaming service. For fans, it’s been a long wait to get back to this point, despite the recent reworking of the franchise.

In 2011, it seemed that the beloved puppets had once again found their way into the hearts of the public, such as The Muppets it turned out to be a satisfying box office success. But the release of a sequel in 2014 failed to match the acclaim of the first film, and there has been no news since. Muppets features have arrived. The same could be said for attempts to create a new Muppetthemed variety show, in the vein of the original The Muppet show. That series was canceled after one season, leading some to feel that the Muppets it simply cannot regain the popularity it once had. After all, it is easy to pinpoint the time when Muppets He originally found fame and argued that it was a simpler time, when puppets had great entertainment value. It seems that the passage of time can greatly affect even the most innocent forms of entertainment.

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For Disney, the return of The Muppet Show It has also brought with it the challenge of dealing with social norms that are no longer acceptable today. While the return of the series is greeted with joy, Variety reports that Disney + has decided to include a disclaimer that appears before the start of 18 of its the muppet show episodes. The disclaimer is intended to help start conversations about hurtful or controversial items that The Muppet Show could possess. It reads:

“This program includes negative representations and / or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and they are wrong now. Rather than removing this content, we want to acknowledge its damaging impact, learn from it, and spark conversations to create a more inclusive future together. “

Surprised Miss Piggy in the Muppet movie

Disney does not specify the questionable content of these episodes, and involves guest stars such as comedians Peter Sellers and Steve Martin, as well as musicians Kenny Rogers, Joan Baez, and Johnny Cash. However, despite not making clear what is objectionable about the episodes, the Johnny Cash segment shows the famous country singer performing in front of a Confederate flag, something that is problematic. The question of how to deal with obnoxious content on classic TV and movies has been a persistent theme in recent months, with some networks even removing controversial episodes entirely.

The measure to provide a general warning about some episodes of The Muppet Show some may seem little more than Disney words to you. Instead of taking responsibility for what they are streaming, the subscription streaming service has left viewers to decide what is and what is not offensive. However, the fact of the matter is that removing the content entirely does not fix the problem or provide an opportunity for questions and dialogue. With a warning, parents can be better prepared for the content and act accordingly. Given the circumstances, Disney + has made the most diplomatic move possible on the issue.

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Source: Variety

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