Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is calling out fans who are attacking Chase Severino and feel like everyone should leave him behind.

My great fabulous life Whitney Way Thore is calling out fans who are attacking Chase Severino. Now, she is saying that she feels like everyone should quit. The cheating scandal shook TLC viewers to the core, and many were upset by Whitney.

Fans will recall that Whitney had to take to her Instagram account in May to clear things up about her relationship with Chase. In a shocking reveal, Whitney let fans know that the duo were no longer a couple, as Chase was an expectant father. According to the North Carolina native, she and Chase had been spending time apart due to the pandemic, and he rekindled an old relationship with an old girlfriend, causing the other woman to become pregnant. In what appears to be a composite post, Whitney explained that her ex-lover’s baby was due to be born in October and that their engagement was over.

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Chase didn’t help himself when he fueled the false relationship rumors that he was paid to be Whitney’s boyfriend. He He’s still in the doghouse with TLC fans, according to Instagram. But Whitney has gotten over his hatred and wants everyone to leave him alone, according to PEOPLE.

It appears that Chase has been receiving a lot of hate mail via social media about his decision to leave the dancer. In an Instagram story, the father of one shared with his followers that he had received a lot of mean emails and usually didn’t read anything, but a recent one hit him hard. A message showed that they called him “White peasant,” while another showed a fan wishing him a miserable life. But according to Chase, he’s inspired and says: You see, this hatred has motivated and driven me to be a better me. ” Chase made it known that he actually feels bad for people who take the time to write these bad messages by writing, “I really feel bad for the people who take the time to send these messages.”

While Chase may be taking the hate in stride, her ex-fiancĂ©, Whitney, just isn’t taking it. Once again, he has come to Chase’s defense and has asked people to stop being so mean to him. As long as Chase keeps killing his enemies with kindness, he should be fine. Whitney is destined to move on and find a new love in her life once her heart has healed.

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Source: Chase Severino, PEOPLE

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