While much of Netflix’s Shadow & Bone plot has been kept under wraps, fans of the books know exactly what they want to see on the show.

From Netflix Shadow and bone reunite Leigh Bardugo Grisha Trilogy with her Six of crows duology in April. While much of the show’s plot has been kept under wraps, the books have garnered a huge fanbase over the years, meaning many are theorizing about how the show’s timeline will work.

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The promotional materials released so far have been posters and still images of the characters, so the wait until April couldn’t seem any longer. The Grishaverse is full of brilliant characters, and there are plenty of stories to get into on the show. Regardless of what goes in and what is left out, there are many things fans want to see in the first season of Shadow and bone.

10 Kaz Brekker’s backstory

Kaz Brekker Shadow And Bone

Kaz Brekker has an extremely tragic backstory, which shapes his actions and the way he deals with people. In the books, Kaz wears gloves because he cannot bear skin-to-skin contact after a very traumatic experience.

While he doesn’t really tell his friends why, his backstory is a big part of the books and why he became the leader of the Dregs. It is his main motivation as a character. It will be really cool to see how they dig into this in the series and how much we see of its origins.

9 The Darkling

Darkling's Shadow and Bone

The Darkling is possibly a fan favorite character. He is the main villain of the Grisha TrilogyBut he has an interesting past and an extremely complex relationship with Alina. He is one of the oldest beings on Ravka, and all we know about his portrayal on the show is that he starts out as General Kirigan.

We don’t know if he will be called Darkling, but fans of the books will definitely know how to spot the clues surrounding his identity.

8 Alina’s powers

Alina shadow and bone

Once Alina is able to fully control her powers, she is quite unstoppable as Sun Summoner. After all, it’s his powers that drive the story.

It will be amazing for fans who have been imagining what it all looks like to see her using the full extent of her powers on screen.

7 The crows interacting with Alina and Mal

Shadow and bone

The most exciting of the Shadow and bone series is the fact that the Shadow and bone trilogy will collide with the Six of crows duology.

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While we don’t know exactly how everything will work out yet, showrunners have said that the series takes place during the Shadow and bone, and before the robbery in Six of crows. They’ve also said that things will be quite different from the books, so if that’s the case, we could see Kaz, Inej, and Jesper interacting with Alina and Mal, which is really exciting.

6 Ravka and Ketterdam

Ravka and Ketterdam

One of the best things about Grishaverse is building the world. Ravka and Kerch are fully developed nations with their own cultures, fashion, and ways of life.

It is going to be very exciting to see the city of Ketterdam on screen, and it will be even cooler to see how Alina’s journey through Ravka is transformed in the series. If anyone can top the book scale, it’s Netflix.

5 Times

Bad shadow and bone

Mal is a relatively divisive character in the Grisha trilogy. He is Alina’s best friend and potential lover, and his character has been the subject of heated debate among fans, especially those who prefer the pair between Alina and Darkling.

It will be really interesting to see how they portray it on screen and what things they decide to keep or do differently. Mal is a very charismatic character, so there are many things worth exploring.

4 Kaz and Inej

Kaz and Inej Shadow And Bone

Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa are great characters, and they also have a lovely but extremely slow relationship, due to the trauma they have both endured.

Their growing affection for one another is one of the best things about Six of crows duology, and fans are definitely curious to see how their relationship will play out during the show, if at all.

3 Powers of Grisha

Grisha Powers shadow and bone

There are three main types of Grisha; Corperalki, Materialki and Etheralki. Each type has its own set of abilities and powers, but they are extremely powerful.

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It will be interesting to see how the powers of characters like Genya Safin and Nina Zenik translate on screen. Hopefully Netflix will meet that end and make Grisha’s powers spectacular.

two Nina and Matthias story

Nina and Matthias Shadow And Bone

The idea that the story of the Ravens will occur before the events of the book is exciting, simply because of the opportunity to see the origin stories of Nina and Matthias. In the books, they already have a long and complicated history, but we don’t really see any of that in the book.

If the show explores its backstories, it will be a great way to immerse yourself in its characters before finally beginning the main plot of the heist.

1 The fold of the shadow

shadow fold shadow and bone

Configuration wise, the Grishaverse is huge. One thing that revolves around the entirety of the Grisha Trilogy is The Shadow Fold, where most of the action takes place.

The Fold is essentially a large area of ​​darkness that The Darkling would like to open up and unleash. It is the home of many horrors. It will be really amazing to see how it looks and if it also plays a major role in the TV series.

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