The prospects for movie theaters and the movie business in general have greatly improved. New York City, one of the largest film markets in the world, will finally allow cinemas to reopen next month. This means that the box office, which has suffered greatly since March 2020, may finally get a much-needed boost. It also means that upcoming blockbusters have a much better chance of meeting their current release dates.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement Monday. Movie theaters may open again on March 5. However, it will be under strict restrictions, in terms of capacity and regulations to help ensure the safety of viewers. This occurs when the theaters in the city have been closed for just under a year. This is what Cuomo had to say.

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“Movie theaters in New York will align with the rest of the state: 25% capacity; no more than 50 people per screening; masks; assigned seating; social distancing; staff to control occupancy, traffic and seating to ensure compliance. They need the improved air filtration, ventilation and purification standards that DOH has specified. “

Many of the delays experienced by major theatrical releases last year in Los Angeles and New York were not open. These represent the two largest markets in the United States at the box office. Without them, movies have little chance of success. Given the results of titles like Beginning Y Wonder Woman 1984, that logic verifies. The National Association of Theater Owners praised the state’s decision. NATO said this about the news in a statement.

“Theater owners are pleased with the announcement that the safe reopening of New York City theaters will be allowed. Strict voluntary health and safety protocols have made it possible for theaters across the country to operate safely. and responsible with higher capacity limits for many months … without a single outbreak … being traced to theaters. “

2021 has been largely absent from major premieres or blockbusters, due to constant health and safety concerns. However, things are showing signs of improvement. As such, it is possible that movies like Black widow, F9 Y Free boy, all of which are scheduled to arrive in May, will not be delayed any further. Various other blockbusters like No time to die, Morbius Y Ghostbusters: Another Life they were recently delayed once again for several months.

In 2019, domestic box office revenue totaled $ 11.3 billion. That number plummeted in 2020 to just over $ 2 billion, representing a decrease of more than 89 percent from year to year. Since then, Hollywood has embraced streaming as the future. Movie theaters cannot afford any further delays in reopening en masse if they hope to be a major part of the future of the industry. Warner Bros. releasing all of their movies on HBO Max and in theaters on the same day this year doesn’t help. But New York’s commercial openness, albeit in limited capacity, certainly does. This news was previously reported by CNBC.

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