When it comes to TV series characters who can deliver witty, clever, and downright hurtful insults, Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale takes the cake.

Fierce, confident, smart, and beautiful, Cheryl doesn’t hold back when it comes to her opinions. She says what she wants to say and she means what she says. However, despite her harsh words, she is often misunderstood. She doesn’t always want her comments to be hurtful. And those who know her, including her friends who are not immune to her witty comments, realize that she is only part of her.

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Sometimes the burns are boastful, intended to imply that Cheryl is superior to the person she is talking to, or at least that they are simply an inferior being. Other times, she’s just bad.

10 “You and Uncle Claudio are pigs and you must live among pigs”

Cheryl and Penelope Blossom

After discovering her mother’s dirty actions along with her uncle Claudio’s involvement, Cheryl had had enough and dismissed them with this comment. While pigs are actually lovely animals, she wanted this to be an insult, suggesting that the couple were terrible people who should live among animals because they didn’t behave like humans.

Only Cheryl, a high school student, would have the gall to kick her mother out of her own home. It’s no wonder she’s ranked the most villainous teenager among the main characters. What’s more, these words were the least vile thing he threw at his mother: he also kidnapped and threatened her.

9 “Nightmare Smurfette”

riverdale betty sweater patches

Cheryl was pretty mean to Betty, especially in the beginning. And this insult simply preceded what was probably an even greater insult. Her description of Betty as “Nightmare Smurfette” suggests that she is cute and cuddly on the outside, but may be dark on the inside.

It’s an interesting combination that makes fans wonder where and how these fun nicknames come to Cheryl. But this one surprisingly isn’t the best.

8 “Are living mannequins suggesting that I had something to do with my brother’s death?”

One of Cheryl’s less intelligent burns, this one might not have had Cheryl’s typical wit because she told herself with so much emotion, she wasn’t thinking straight. Cheryl, still haunted by the death of her twin brother, felt vulnerable, as if everyone suspected her.

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However, he found a way to insult women, calling them “living mannequins” to imply that they had no personalities and that they were robotic and insensitive.

7 “Don’t you have, like, 30? How many proms have you been to?”

Cheryl joined The Farm in an effort to try to find out what was really going on in the “church” that the children were convinced was a cult. Among the leaders was a high school student named Evelyn who was clearly too old to be in high school.

So when Evelyn told Cheryl that as part of The Farm, she couldn’t campaign for the prom queen, it goes against her equality restrictions and the mantra “the one becomes many, the many, one” , Cheryl wasn’t accepting it. . She told Evelyn that it was easy for her to say and then proceeded to expose Evelyn for who she obviously was, that she was too old to be legitimately in high school.

6 “Sorry to interrupt the sad breakfast club …”

Riverdale Season 5 Time Skip: How Much Time Goes By And What We Know Archie Jughead Betty Veronica

Spoken to the group just before approaching to invite them to his twin brother Jason’s memorial service, there is some truth to the analogy. The friends, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty, are a misfit group of high school students, as are the kids from The breakfast club movie were.

There’s bookworm Betty, art writer Jughead, classy rich girl Veronica, and jock Archie. It may not be a character-by-character group, but the sentiment made sense.

5 “I’m afraid I have canceled my Trucker’s Weekly subscription”

After starting her own maple rum derivative business with Veronica, Cheryl came face to face with a rum distributor named Jinx Malloy, a member of the Malloy family who had been running a maple liquor business for decades. Naturally, they weren’t happy with the new venture targeting one of their most lucrative markets and came forward to take on the high school students.

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Cheryl resorts to stereotypes in this dark comment, since she knows nothing about the family. And if they subscribed to Trucker’s Weekly, there would be nothing wrong with that.

4 “My claustrophobia acts in small houses”

Cheryl has had the luxury of growing up in a huge mansion thanks to her very wealthy parents and the Blossom family’s legacy of owning and running the Riverdale maple business. But not all Riverdale High students have grown up with such financial freedom. So when you visit other children’s houses, you can’t believe how “small” they are when, in reality, they are average-sized houses.

However, Cheryl, who doesn’t keep things to herself, utters these words when she visits Archie’s abode, a thinly veiled insult.

3 “Listen, five, a ten is speaking”

This one, which is also among the best Cheryl quotes overall, is a combination of insult and bragging. Not only does Cheryl refer to others as a five, which means that if they had a rating of 10 that’s what they’d get, but she also makes sure to confirm that she does, in fact, have a perfect 10.

Due to her status and the belief that she is on a different level than others, her comment implies that they should listen carefully to her as she speaks. In the case of this insult, as in many others on the list, it is as much about the delivery as it is about the line itself.

two “You have the combined vocabulary of a baked potato.”

In Cheryl’s eyes, there is nothing worse than her own cheer squad not voting for prom queen. So when she found out that River Vixens didn’t vote for her, she has this insult ready to go around.

Cheryl not only reprimanded them for not voting for her, but also insulted them and their intelligence, which ironically goes against her feminist ways that suggest that women should lift each other up, not take down.

1 “Because, Frida Shallow …”

Speaking to Veronica, who could be considered Cheryl’s friend, this insult is actually multi-pointed: Cheryl refers to Veronica’s signature eyebrows, which resemble the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Veronica is also of Latino descent, marking a second reference to her heritage. None of those references is an insult, but they created one.

The real insult comes in Cheryl’s use of a play on Frida Kahlo’s name, calling Veronica, who grew up spoiled and rich, a shallow person. He’s really smart, but he’s delivered so freely that one has to wonder if Cheryl had made up the nickname long before and was waiting for the perfect moment to use it. The irony is that while Veronica focuses on external looks and fashion (though not solely), Cheryl does too, and in fact there is nothing wrong with that.

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