Robin wright has already made a great impression behind the lens, courtesy of his work on House of cards, but recently reached another major milestone as a director: making her directorial debut with the film land. With the movie due out on PVOD on March 5, Wright took the time to join us on an episode of Collider Ladies Night to celebrate that achievement and most of his filmography that we were able to cover in 30 minutes.

We will have the whole conversation closer to landPVOD’s debut, but while you’re waiting, how about a clip from one of the hottest upcoming releases? Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Three years later League of Justice hits theaters, Snyder’s version of the film will finally be available on HBO Max. There are many things that I am very curious to see in this cut of the film; as Jared LetoThe Joker, the Darkseid of everything, Superman’s laser eyes and something else are incorporated. But really, the part of this that fascinates me the most is the fact that we have two different visions of a big-budget franchise movie. When does that happen?

Jared Leto in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Image via Zack Snyder

Given the fact that Wright is now launching into the cinema as a director, I opted to ask her what she thinks is the value of getting another version of a movie that’s already released in theaters. This is what he said:

“I don’t know enough about that situation. I never saw Justice League. I don’t even know if they cut us off. What I do think I know, maybe I have the wrong news, but I think the film because the director had a tragedy in his personal life, which we know, right? And basically, I think, they took the film from him. I could have done it wrong. And I have to say, with what little I know, if this is the vision of that director again and if this was the story that was signed, and finally he can carry it out, power to him. ”

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Given what was revealed in Vanity Fair Piece Earlier today, Wright appears to be correct with that summary. That is how Anthony Breznican put it in the piece:

“The death of their daughter was the reason the Snyders withdrew from the Justice League, realizing that their fight and spirit were needed at home, with their other children and with each other, rather than losing a battle. with a powerful study. Now she is the main reason he decided to return. ”

On March 18, we will finally see Snyder’s League of Justice, which Snyder says he will end up with a title card for his daughter, “For Autumn.”

Robin Wright in Wonder Woman

Image via Warner Bros.

If you want to learn more about Wright on your journey from Princess bride For filmmaker, stay tuned because we’ll have more clips of the conversation soon ahead of the release of their full episode of Collider Ladies Night on March 5, just in time for land hitting PVOD.

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