Uncle Ben taught Spider-Man his latest lesson on power and responsibility, which has been adapted several times outside of the comics.

Since Spider-Man has been adapted outside of the comics so many times in many different ways, his comic origins have been brought to life on the big screen and animated on the small screen since the 1960s, leading to a variety of shots. The man who arguably influenced Peter Parker the most in his ongoing missions as the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler: Uncle Ben.

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However, it is not the death of Uncle Ben in the various accounts of his origin that shines through in some of his appearances, as the lessons he imparted to Peter are the ones that really put the weight of responsibility on Spider’s shoulders- Man. It’s those adaptations of the character that capture the real lessons and earn their rankings as we explore Uncle Ben’s adaptations further today.

10 Cameos and intros in Spider-Man: Unlimited and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Uncle Ben and his place in the origin of Peter Parker has been mentioned in several series in which the character has not actually appeared, although there have also been a couple of cameos that gave brief jokes of separate iconic moments.

the Spider-Man: unlimited The animated series briefly featured a scene of Uncle Ben’s murder in the opening credits, while the 2019 one Spiderman: In the Spider-Verse featured Uncle Ben’s speech on responsibility in the first Spider-Man intro that used actor Cliff Robertson’s audio from 2002 Spiderman.

9 Spider-Man (1981-1982): Chameleon disguised as Uncle Ben and manipulated Aunt May


Uncle Ben’s character technically didn’t appear in the Spiderman Animated series that first aired in 1981, though it was mentioned multiple times along with its familiar lesson on power and responsibility.

However, Chameleon disguised himself as Uncle Ben during a session to manipulate Aunt May and force her to help him capture Spider-Man in one of the series’ strangest episodes, “Arsenic and Aunt May.”

8 Spider-Man (1967-1970) – Uncle Ben appeared briefly after Peter Parker’s fateful spider bite


The classic Spiderman The animated series debuted in 1967 with an unforgettable theme song and the first non-comic appearances by various comic book characters, including Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

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However, Uncle Ben (voiced by Tom Harvey) didn’t actually appear until the incredibly faithful adaptation of the second season of “The Dawn of Spider-Man,” though it was only in a brief scene with Aunt May after the spider bite that transformed Peter. , and could not show his most famous line.

7 Spider-Man and his amazing friends (1981-1983): Uncle Ben’s death was only implied

UNCLE BEN'S APPEARANCES - Spider-Man and his amazing friends

Voice acting legend Frank Welker played Uncle Ben in Spider-Man and his amazing friends, which addressed the origin of Spider-Man in the season two episode “Along Came Spidey,” in which Spider-Man shared his story with Firestar and Iceman after Aunt May was injured during a battle with Shocker.

The origin was ripped straight from the comics and featured Spider-Man’s success as a television star before the robbery, although Uncle Ben’s death was only implied and he never said that his power and responsibility directly quotes.

6 Marvel’s Spider-Man (2017 -): Uncle Ben appears in flashbacks with life lessons

UNCLE BEN'S APPEARANCES - Marvel's Spider-Man 2017

Disney XD’s Marvel Spider-Man began airing in 2017, and the most recent third season aired as Spider-Man: Maximum Venom. The series explored a new version of Peter Parker while attending an advanced school for brilliant minds that further facilitated his superhero career as Spider-Man.

Uncle Ben (voiced by Patton Oswalt) appears mostly in flashbacks when he delivered crucial lessons that Peter repeated later in life to help him through situations. This version of Uncle Ben also modified his iconic line into a “scientific” formula (W/GRAMP GRAMR) for Peter who sewed to his school bag.

5 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998): An Alternate Reality Uncle Ben saved the day from a corrupt spider slaughter

UNCLE BEN'S APPEARANCES - Spider-Man The Animated Series

Like most of the character’s previous appearances outside of the comics, Uncle Ben (voiced by Brian Keith) featured heavily in the origin moments and a number of flashbacks throughout. Spider-Man: The Animated Series when Peter Parker needed to calm down.

However, the character proved just how important he was to Spider-Man in the “Spider Wars” series finale, when Peter Parker and a team of alternate reality Spider-Men managed to stop a corrupt Spider-Carnage thanks to the intervention of a surviving substitute. actually Uncle Ben, who saved the day as usual.

4 Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017): Uncle Ben was the sheriff and the ghost pilot of the city

UNCLE BEN APPEARANCES - Ultimate Spider-Man as Phantom Rider

the The last Spiderman animated series that debuted in 2012 was inspired by both the mainstream and the Latest comic line, although Uncle Ben (voiced by Greg Gruberg) faithfully adapted the Latest version of the character.

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While Uncle Ben primarily appeared in the introductory origin and flashbacks of the series, fans were able to see a unique multiversal version of the Wild West character who fought crime as the town sheriff and the Phantom Rider in disguise of his reality. (voiced by Clancy Brown).

3 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Uncle Ben shared words of wisdom and died in an accidental encounter


Martin Sheen took on the role of Uncle Ben in Marc Webb’s 2012 reboot The amazing Spider Man, which updated Spider-Man’s origin story and focused on young Peter’s search for more information about his deceased parents.

Uncle Ben said some things that sounded like “great power comes great responsibility” throughout the film, although he never uttered the phrase. His death was also altered in an accidental encounter on the street rather than earlier versions such as a disrupted home burglary or a tragic car theft.

two The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009) – Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker an exhilarating talk to combat possession of the Venom symbiote

UNCLE BEN'S APPEARANCES - Spectacular Spider-Man

Peter Parker returned to high school in 2008 The spectacular spider man which modernized a series of classic Spider-Man stories and characters over two seasons that began the summer after Peter Parker transformed into his costumed alter ego.

Uncle Ben (voiced by Ed Asner) appeared in some flashbacks showing his death defending Aunt May from a thief and her life-defining date, though the series really stood out from other adaptations when the memory of the Uncle Ben helped Peter Parker fight mentally. Possession of the Venom symbiote with a good old-fashioned pep talk.

1 The Raimi Trilogy (2002-2007): The Relationship Between Uncle Ben and Peter Parker Was Accurately Portrayed

UNCLE BEN'S APPEARANCES - Spider-Man Raimi Trilogy

Cliff Robertson played Uncle Ben in all three Sam Raimi films. Spiderman trilogy, which accurately portrayed the relationship between Peter and his adoptive parents, although the adaptation made some changes as his murder now occurred during a carjacking right after the robbery that Peter Parker was unable to stop.

Robertson reprized the role as a mental fabrication in the sequel that he chatted with Peter about his decision to leave Spider-Man, and again in the third film that returned to the character of Sandman at the original crime scene.

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