Spider-Man has had a tough time lately, and it’s getting hard to remember the last time he won a fight against a supervillain.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 59 by Nick Spender, Marcelo Ferreira, Wayne Faucher, Morry Hollowell, Andrew Crossley and Joe Caramagna of VC, now on sale.

Spider-Man hasn’t had it easy in recent months. He entered a terrible battle with Sin-Eater and had to work with his longtime enemy, Norman Osborn. He saw his closest allies possessed and nearly killed and realized that his best friend Harry Osborn was responsible for everything as the demonic vampire.

However, Spider-Man has always been through these kinds of problems and found a way to emerge victorious because he had the strength to defeat evil and prove that good always wins. That hasn’t happened in these past few fights, where Spider-Man hasn’t won a single fight against anyone, and it seems like the losing streak is starting to get to him.

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Starting with Sin-Eater, Kindred raised him from the dead and gave him a mission to cleanse the sins of supervillains everywhere. The real deal was that Sin-Eater was taking away the sins of the villains and then also stealing their powers. Spider-Man knew something was wrong here, but Sin-Eater was getting rid of the villains and many people backed him for that, making Spider-Man look like the bad guy for trying to stop him. Even Spider-Man’s own allies didn’t think he should stop Sin-Eater from taking Norman Osborn’s sins away. In the end, Sin-Eater took his own life while Spider-Man was busy with Kindred.

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Meanwhile, Kindred captured Spider-Man and killed him repeatedly, demanding that Peter admit that he was responsible for all the deaths and pain that has occurred since he became Spider-Man. Kindred dominated Spider-Man, and even with all of his allies by his side, no one was strong enough to defeat the demon. Then Kindred unmasked himself as Harry Osborn, taking another blow to the heart of Peter Parker. In the end, Spider-Man was unable to stop Kindred. Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn worked together to capture the demonic villain, leaving Spider-Man there alive, but empty-handed.

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This has clearly started to break Spider-Man when he confronted the newly rehabilitated Norman Osborn, saying that he gives up trying to help Harry. Spider-Man said that he would end the Osborn family if Harry were free again. It wasn’t like Peter Parker to give up on someone or anything, but he seems willing to be a little selfish if it means protecting his loved ones, people like Mary Jane Watson and members of The Order. However, does Spider-Man really believe that? Will people like Mary Jane and Aunt May allow you to act selfish and indifferent when someone needs help?

Aunt May played hard in the latest Spider-Man flop. May took in Martin Li, who was on the run from the sins Sin-Eater took from him, and when Spider-Man appeared, the Inner Demons were looting the FEAST Center. Once again, Spider-Man failed to win the fight, and it was Martin Li who saved Aunt May and her center by indulging in her sins. At that point, Spider-Man tried to confront Mister Negative, but Wilson Fisk showed up with the police and left Spider-Man standing empty-handed once more.

Spider-Man couldn’t stop Sin-Eater and his friends almost paid the price. He was unable to do anything to stop Kindred and Mary Jane nearly died as a result. He couldn’t even beat Mister Negative when Aunt May’s life was at stake. In all cases, someone or something else stepped in and saved the day while Spider-Man was there helpless. Spider-Man needs a win soon because if he keeps failing every time a villain appears, it is unknown what long-term negative effects it could have on the Wall-Crawler.

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