Star Wars Hunters is the latest entry to the world of Star Wars games, and what do we know about the game so far?

It looks like fans will be able to take a trip to the galaxy far sooner than expected, with the news that a new Star Wars game titled Star Wars Hunters will be released soon. The announcement took many by surprise, but there is already growing buzz around the video game experience.

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So far not much is known about the game, but thanks to the trailer that was released, along with some official comments from Star Wars website, it’s starting to get easier to reconstruct exactly what this project is. The future of this Nintendo Switch game is certainly exciting.

10 It is a dedicated switching console

Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron Game Nintendo Switch Port

There have been many peculiar decisions over the years regarding Star Wars games, but Lucasfilm has certainly made a bold decision in announcing Star Wars hunters. As of now, the game is actually a Nintendo Switch console exclusive.

This might upset some fans, considering that not everyone will have bought the increasingly popular Switch. However, this breaks with a tradition that has seen the most recent Star Wars game releases on Xbox and PlayStation, avoiding the Switch entirely.

9 It will be available on mobile platforms

Star wars uprising

However, there is some hope for those who do not have access to Nintendo’s revolutionary console. The game will also be available on both the Android Store and iOS. That means that players will be able to experience this game on mobile devices.

The decision is interesting, as it is rare to see a console game also released on mobile devices. However, the good news is that the game has has been confirmed as free, which means that players will not suffer a financial setback if they want to experience the iconic battles that this project can offer.

8 Developed by Zynga And Lucasfilm Games

Star Wars Lucasfilm Games Rebrand Sizzle Reel

It was also recently announced that Lucasfilm had once again opened a games division which they have aptly titled Lucasfilm Games. The news means that a new era of Star Wars the game is about to begin, and Star Wars Hunters It will be one of the first projects of the brand.

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Lucasfilm Games has partnered with Zynga to help publish this game. The developer is known to have a lot of experience in the mobile industry and should be able to bring a different approach to the property, compared to EA, which has also tried and mostly failed to create a mobile experience in the past for Star Wars.

7 New characters

One of the surprising elements of this game is that the Star Wars website confirmed that there would be new and original characters in Hunters Mobile games are often based on pre-existing heroes and villains, so this is definitely a change of position.

This is an exciting development in the story and one that may nod to Lucasfilm’s much larger plans for the franchise to move forward. After all, they have had no qualms about introducing a lot of new characters in recent years; the initiative of the High Republic is a testimony of this.

6 Bounty hunters, rebels and imperial

However, there will be very specific factions as part of this game, and they have already been teased. Players will likely be able to take on an original character from one of these origins, and the gameplay will be affected by the choice.

It’s usually common to see the Sith and Jedi on this list and although one does appear in the trailer, the confirmed factions are actually the Rebels, Imperials, and Bounty Hunters (which will likely result in the choice of name). This is a classic combination that Star Wars players will be familiar.

5 Place in the whole timeline

While these factions already suggest a slot in the timeline for the game, it has actually been confirmed that as with Star Wars: Squads, which was influenced by the movies and brought original material, the game is set after the fall of the Empire.

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This period of the timeline is one that Lucasfilm seems more focused on exploring in recent years. In fact, there are many comics and novels set during this era, and the hit Disney + show the Mandalorian Take advantage of the gap in narrative here.

4 Arena Combat Game

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Jedi Arena

The game itself is said to be based on arena combat games. These are quite popular on mobile devices and provide publishers with an excuse to create huge character rosters alongside simplified coliseum-like locations. All these places will be inspired by Star Wars Hot spots.

With the many factions that come into play here, the warriors who have fought during the Galactic Civil War will likely now have to face each other once more for glory and victory. It is an interesting premise and one that lends itself to this type of platform.

3 Canon history

One of the rules that Lucasfilm has continued to follow and is a central component of its games division is that all the stories now told on any platform are part of the larger canon of this extended universe. That is incredibly important to the fans.

That means that everything that happens throughout this game can be considered in the same continuity as all movies, TV shows, and other video games. This may result in a screen adaptation of Hunters on the line, or at least their original characters appearing elsewhere.

two Totally original

Star Wars: Boba Fett and Bounty Hunter in Jabba's Palace

You may be looking for inspiration from other sand games, and of course the game will learn a number of lessons from Star Wars the past of gaming, but everything about this project is completely unique and original for the galaxy far away.

It has been common in recent years to dust off an old property and give it a new coat of paint. Battle front is obviously a recycled title and Squads is largely based on the original Star Wars piloting games. Hunters on the other hand, it is starting from scratch.

1 No confirmed release date

Star Wars Hunters Feature

The good news for gamers is that Hunters It is currently scheduled to launch in 2021. The bad news is that a specific date has yet to be announced.

It’s hard to know how far along the project really is and if fans should be looking ahead to the next few months or maybe much later. It may enter a testing stage in the near future that could provide more answers (and is currently not on its way to join the long list of Star Wars games that have been canceled over the years).

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