The Clone Wars were one of the most epic and revolutionary conflicts in the history of Star Wars and so it is only natural that they have produced some of the best warriors in the galaxy. The Grand Army of the Republic, made up of clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, is, at first glance, made up of identical soldiers.

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While they all had the same origin, many of them followed different and unique paths. By the end of their travels, a few of these elite clone troopers became legends thanks to their accomplishments and astonishing array of abilities.

Updated February 21, 2021 by Theo Kogod. Around the time this article was published, a new season of Star Wars, Clone Wars was released, which eventually helped end some of the lingering plot threads. It also introduced a new group of clone troopers, Squad-99, also known as Bad Batch. These highly specialized clones were some of the most skilled ever seen and should be included in any discussion of skilled clone troopers. In addition, there are a number of clones that were left out of the initial list and that deserve to be included, characters that fans will be happy to see here.

fifteen Hunter

Bad Batch Hunter, Star Wars

Hunter was the leader of Squad-99 (nicknamed the “Bad Batch”) which consisted of clones that had genetic abnormalities that set them apart from their peers. Another way that Hunter differed from other clones was that it did not have a formal numerical designation. What he did have were enhanced senses so sensitive that he could sense the electromagnetic frequencies of a droid command center halfway across the planet.

The other thing that made him stand out compared to the rest of Bad Batch was his natural leadership and strategic thinking. His team saw the worst conflicts of the Clone Wars and led them safely through dangerous missions over and over again.

14 Fives (CT-5555 or ARC-5555)

Star Wars Clone Wars.  Fives.  CT-5555

One of the Domino Squad members, Fives would outlive all of his teammates except Echo, and like Echo, he became an ARC Trooper as the war progressed.

The Domino Squad was initially seen as rejected during their initial training, but they soon advanced to become some of the most respected clone troopers to serve in the Clone Wars, joining the 501st Legion. Fives actually discovered the conspiracy surrounding the bio -chips implanted in each clone that would later be activated to execute Order 66. He tried to reveal the truth about his discovery, but was killed, so the Jedi never found out about Order 66 until it was too late.

13 Echo (CT-1409)

echo of star wars

Like Fives, Echo was a member of the Domino Squad who eventually joined the 501st elite.S t Legion. He quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became one of the Legion’s top officers and an ARC Trooper.

Working with Captain Rex, Echo helped design some of the most effective strategies used by the Grand Army of the Republic. He and Fives also helped repel the droids’ assault on Kamino. After an explosion appeared to have killed Echo, the Separatists took him prisoner, who subjected him to terrible experiments to extract the strategic algorithms that he and Rex had made, using the Republic’s own tactics against them. After being rescued, Echo joined Squad-99.

12 Destroyer

Bad Batch Demolisher, Star Wars

During the Clone Wars, several soldiers displayed exceptional physical prowess, favoring heavy weapons and excelling in hand-to-hand combat. None were as strong as Wrecker.

While fighting in the Battle of Anaxes, he lifted a LAAT gunship that had crashed over his head (despite the ship being capable of carrying thirty people). His temper often caused problems. He had a difficult time following a plan, especially in stealth missions, and was known to attack other clone troopers, but there were few clones as effective in a fight as him. Like all members of Squad-99, Wrecker did not have a formal numerical designation that was ever revealed.

eleven Technology

Bad Batch technology, Star Wars

Of everyone in Bad Batch, Tech was by far the least physically intimidating. He was also the most intelligent and compassionate of the group.

As his name suggests, he was adept at using technology. He was also a talented tactician on the battlefield, able to think on his feet in a fight and do advanced calculations while under heavy fire to figure out the exact trajectory to make each thrown grenade and blaster shot deal maximum damage.

10 Fox (CC-1010)

A commander to admire and respect, Fox demonstrated unwavering courage as he participated in many dangerous missions and led his own squad of shock troopers. Fox was a highly decorated soldier who jumped into danger without hesitation and became a role model for all the clones around him.

By accepting certain morally ambiguous missions, such as agreeing to assassinate Ahsoka Tano and her fellow Fives, he was not a bad soldier. Rather, these served as proof of his utter devotion to his superiors.

9 Fordo (ARC-77)

The leader of Muunilinst 10, a squad of elite ARC soldiers, Fordo played a vital role in the conquest of Muunilinst and the capture of the city commander San Hill during a siege led by Obi-Wan Kenobi. He also participated in a successful rescue mission against General Grievous and fought on the ground during the Battle of Coruscant.

ARC-77 fought with two blasters and, as a commander, had access to all manner of radar, melee, and stealth devices. His skill set allowed him to attack multiple enemies simultaneously in close combat and ranged combat.

8 Sev (Delta-07 or RC-1207)

[Art by Andrey Spiridonov]

Sev was the deadliest and most savage of the Republic Command Delta Squad and was the team’s last weapon of destruction until the moment it fell on Kashyyyk. All manner of enemies fell to his wrath, from Super Battle Droids to A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider Droids and MagnaGuards.

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He was extremely adept at taking out enemies with his sniper rifle and was unrivaled in close combat, using his commando gear to its fullest effect, especially the Knuckle Plate Vibroblade.

7 Chief (Delta-38 or RC-1138)

The story of Delta Squad leader Boss goes beyond the Clone Wars. He and the survivors of his team, Scorch and Fixer, were integrated into Vader’s Fist, the terrifying 501st Legion. Thereafter, they participated in numerous missions to hunt clones that had left their ranks, Jedi who lived in hiding and everyone and each of the Empire’s opponents.

Boss was the most talented and intelligent member of Team Delta, as well as its best strategist, and was commanded by his brothers for obvious reasons.

6 Cody (CC-2224)

Serving closely under none other than the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi (until he betrayed him in Revenge of the Sith) Cody stood out as a commander who led Strike Battalion 212. He placed a special emphasis on discipline and practically never failed a mission due to his excellent strategies.

However, the quality for which he was best known was his unwavering loyalty, loyalty that ultimately turned out to be a commitment to Darth Sidious. Cody preferred to fight with the heavier but more powerful DC-15A blaster rifle.

5 Alpha (ARC-17)

Alpha served not only Obi-Wan but also his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. In the early stages of the Clone Wars, he fought the mighty Gen’Dai Durge, defeating him. Later, Asajj Ventress captured and tortured Alpha before his timely rescue.

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His bravery and abilities earned him the utmost admiration from Skywalker. ARC-17 went on to create an academy for clone officers, which inspired the idea of ​​having different subdivisions of clone troops. Alpha, a deadly sniper, trained some of the greatest clones in history – Rex and Cody among them.

4 Ordo (Null-11)

A rare Null-class Advanced Recon Command, Ordo’s capabilities inflicted severe damage on Separatist forces. Due to his genetic modifications, Ordo was 30 percent smarter than his usual clone peers. His enhanced memory enabled him to recall details with perfect precision.

Null-11 had also undergone various forms of training, including assassination, blaster rifles, and swordplay. His good name remained even after Order 66, when he defected.

3 Rex (CT-7567)

A legend among all clone troopers, a loyal friend to Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, and the leader of multiple elite squads during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, Rex lived the life of a true hero.

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Even after the Empire’s ascension, he eluded Emperor Palpatine’s treacherous orders and continued to support the Jedi cause, eventually participating in Return of the JediThe crucial battle of Endor. Beyond this, a remarkable resume, Rex was also in possession of amazing leadership, robotics knowledge, and piloting skills.

two X1

Cloned from a Jedi Knight, the fate of the Force-sensitive X1 is closely related to that of his brother X2, who has a similar talent. Both fought as clone troopers in countless battles, trained numerous clones, and killed Jedi following Order 66. During the rise of the Empire, X2 grew stronger on the dark side of the Force, especially after slaying the same Jedi than he was. cloned.

X1 continued to fight on the side of the Empire until its eventual demise. In addition to excellent melee and ranged combat and pilot skills, X1 could use telekinesis and Force Lightning.

1 X2

X1’s brother betrayed the Empire and fought on the side of the Rebellion, eventually engaging his brother in battle and defeating him. X2 lived to see the Emperor’s demise and to be Luke Skywalker’s personal apprentice. The Jedi Master’s guidance allowed the clone to advance in his Force abilities to the point where he was ready to engage his evil brother in a lightsaber duel, and he ultimately emerged triumphant.

X2 could make good use of all kinds of weapons, from blasters and rifles to rocket launchers. He was a skilled pilot, engineer, and computer hacker.

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