The epic Fast & Furious street racing saga is one of the largest action movie franchises in history thanks to its memorable characters and action-packed scenes.

When The fast and the furious hit theaters for the first time in 2001, was criticized for vaguely ripping off the plot of Breaking point and just swapping surfing for street racing. But the franchise has come a long way since then. The aftermath got bigger and bigger and before fans knew it Dom Toretto was jumping a sports car from one skyscraper to another and Luke Hobbs was redirecting a giant missile with his bare hands.

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One of the largest action movie franchises in the world, Fast and Furious It has given audiences a ton of lovable characters, as well as some spectacular action sequences.

10 Character: Dom Toretto

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel has anchored the Fast and Furious franchise from the beginning. He skipped the second and third movies, but since he returned for the fourth, he made it a hit factory.

Now every Fast and Furious The film is a highly anticipated entry in the action movie canon, and all thanks to Diesel’s contributions.

9 Sequence of action: “They have a tank!” (Fast and Furious 6)


Action in Fast and Furious 6 culminates on the longest airport runway in the world (estimated to be 26 miles long based on the speed of the plane and the length of the sequence), as Toretto’s crew battles Owen Shaw’s crew on a plane mid-takeoff.

But the most memorable piece of the movie comes before. During a car chase on a highway, the baddies suddenly reveal that they have a tank at their disposal.

8 Character: Luke Hobbs

Luke Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson’s ass-kicking government agent character, was featured as a villain in Fast five. He even gets into a heated fist fight with Toretto. But, like many of the enemies of the Toretto family, he eventually became an ally.

The rest of the cast may be immune to Johnson’s charms, but his sympathy shines through to the audience in all of his scenes. Hobbs’ physicality is often used for visual jokes, such as when he takes off his bandages in the hospital.

7 Action Sequence: Hobbs & Shaw’s Prison Break (The Fate of the Furious)

the Fast and Furious franchise branched out of mainline continuity for its first spin-off in 2019 with Hobbs and Shaw, an action partner that pairs Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s villain-turned-ally Deckard Shaw.

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This spin-off got a kind of backdoor pilot in the second act of The fate of the furiousas the two end up in a maximum security prison and have to escape in the middle of a riot.

6 Character: Letty Ortiz

Female representation has not always been one of the Fast and Furious The franchise’s strengths, but thanks to the fierce performance of Michelle Rodriguez, Dom Toretto’s childhood sweetheart (and later wife) Letty Ortiz has always been an incredible character.

She was apparently killed in Fast and Furious, but it was later revealed that he was alive in the mid-credits sequence of Fast five, preparing her for a second wind in the next stage of the franchise.

5 Action sequence: A submarine chases cars through the ice (The Fate of the Furious)

Submarine breaks the ice in Fate of the Furious

In many ways, the Fast and Furious movies are an exercise in self-improvement. The big piece in the center of The fate of the furiousThe marketing campaign sees a submarine chasing a bunch of armored cars and trucks across an icy plain. Among other wild things, this sequence shows Hobbs deflecting a missile with his bare hands.

This impressive sequence will be difficult for the series to reach the top. The next one is ready to finally send to Toretto and company. into space after years of speculation.

4 Character: Roman & Tej

Roman Pearce and Tej Parker are included together because they are a bundle. Their back-and-forth feud makes them the comic relief duo of Dom Toretto’s ever-expanding squad.

Thanks to the on-screen electrical chemistry of Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, Roman and Tej are at the forefront of the Fast the funniest moments of the franchise. It’s easy to see why they were offered a spin-off before Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

3 Action sequence: Skydiving in cars (Furious 7)

Skydiving cars in Furious 7

The opening sequence of Furious 7 sees Toretto and his team approaching an armored convoy, which seems like a pretty standard action scene, but the way they do it is pretty novel.

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They jump their cars out of a plane and parachute onto the road. While some CGI was used to smooth the edges, the stunt team did skydive cars for this sequence.

two Character: Brian O’Conner

Dom and Brian in Furious 7

Paul Walker’s untimely passing left a huge hole in the Fast and Furious films. His real-life friendship with Vin Diesel brought a palpable dynamism to Dom and Brian’s contagious bromance.

Arguably the final scene of Furious 7, which sees Dom and Brian participating in a final race set to the sounds of “See You Again,” was the perfect ending to the franchise (although it has been perpetuated in four more films).

1 Sequence of Action: Escape with the Vault (Fast Five)

The heist in Fast Five

After all of the above Fast and Furious the movies had been car-based action movies about street racing, Fast five changed things with the structure of a heist movie.

Of course, he didn’t alter the formula too much, since the heist involves cars. The team joins lines from their cars to the vault and then drags the vault behind their cars through the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

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