As part of their promotion for Cherry, The Russo Brothers share images that reveal all the family members who infiltrated The Winter Soldier.

The Russo brothers have revealed all the family cameos he sneaked into. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The 2014 MCU film was Cap’s second solo film after the 2011 one. Captain America the First Avenger and its atmosphere of political suspense from the 70s marked a dramatic and exciting contrast to the original drama of World War II. It also marked the first time the Russos directed a Marvel movie, and it clearly paid off, with the success of Winter Soldier securing their position as directors of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: infinity war Y Avengers Endgame.

The next Russos movie is Cherry, a crime drama in which the directors collaborate once again with MCU star Tom Holland. Holland plays an army veteran who robs banks to pay for his opioid addiction. Cherry It’s scheduled to have its theatrical release in the US on February 26, 2021; To promote the film, the Russo brothers have been posting on Instagram with the hashtag #ClevelandBros to celebrate the projects they have filmed in their hometown of Cleveland. Ohio.

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Now, they have shared some behind-the-scenes footage of Winter Soldier, calling the freeway fight one of his “favorite fight sequences while working with Marvel. “They noticed what the filming experience was like “Very different” from shooting his first two previous projects, Pieces Y Welcome to Collinwood. As part of the post, the Russians He also revealed all the family members that they were a part of. Winter Soldier showing clips of scenes and pointing to their cameos. See the full post with all the scenes below:

It is truly impressive how many members of the Russo family came to Winter Soldier, with the directors’ children, parents, nieces, nephews and brothers among the extras who now have some pretty cool bragging rights. Joe Russo himself would make a cameo in Avengers EndgameAlthough the fanfare about him as the MCU’s first openly gay character remains controversial.

The Russo brothers clearly love a Marvel cameo, as it’s not just family members who have appeared in many of their MCU projects. Many cast members of the cult comedy Community They’ve also appeared in Marvel movies, and it all started with Danny Pudi’s cameo as SHIELD’s communications officer in Winter Soldier. The Russos served as executive producers and directors of Community for most of the race, and the epic paintball finale in CommunitySeason two is what brought the directors to the MCU in the first place.

Russians are clearly masters at infiltrating clever cameos, whether for those who are part of their Community family or part of his royal family. Whether there are any unexpected cameos in the next Cherry remains to be seen, but for now, fans can enjoy a Captain America: The Winter Soldier Check back with all these new cameos to spot.

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Source: The Russo brothers/ Instagram

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