A new theory suggests that one of Batman’s most trusted advisers in 2008’s The Dark Knight may have revealed his identity without provocation.

Batman’s identity is arguably his most important secret, and only a select few have been trustworthy enough, or smart enough, to know that the man under the hood is Bruce Wayne. However, a recent theory has implied that there may have been at least one case where Batman’s identity was completely revealed by accident, in the 2008 classic. The dark knight.

Reddit user at / Tunisandwich suggests that when Mergers and acquisitions attorney Coleman Reese tried to blackmail Lucius Fox, he probably got a little more information than he bargained for. Before approaching Fox, Reese did some investigative work and discovered that Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences division, which “disappeared overnight,” had at one point developed the technology currently used by the Caped Crusader. He then makes the connection that the company’s heavy R&D department spending on questionable projects is likely a cover up to fund more equipment for Batman. Fox seemingly neutralizes the threat by pointing out that if Wayne is indeed Batman, it may not be a good idea to threaten him.

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Here’s the catch: Reese never directly says that he thinks Wayne is Batman. The furthest his accusation goes is that Wayne Enterprises is building contraptions for the Dark Knight. This alone would have likely caused a public relations and legal scandal due to Batman’s status as a vigilante, and Reese was likely asking for money to keep quiet, but in his opinion, it was to protect the company, not his Secret identity of the CEO.

Although Fox does not directly confirm who the man behind the mask is, he does mention Bruce without being provoked. This is a logical move from the perspective of the audience who is already “in” the secret, but it is a suspiciously out of place name from the perspective of a character who is not. The accidental slippage is especially telling since, if he is indeed developing Batman’s technology, Lucius is probably one of the few who legitimately knows who the hero really is.

As Lucius speaks, Reese becomes noticeably nervous and leaves the office quickly, possibly due to the shock of realizing the full scope of the truth. He later offers to divulge Batman’s secret identity live on television, but the Joker steps in by offering a reward for killing the lawyer because keeping the identity a secret is more entertaining. In the chaos that followed, Bruce selflessly avoids an attack on the man who was going to sell him by sacrificing one of his sports cars.

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As for Fox, he will remain as CEO of Wayne Enterprises for at least the next eight years. He apparently doesn’t reveal Batman’s identity to anyone again, though John Blake deduces it himself in the sequel. The dark knight rises. In fact, Reese is neither the first nor the last person to realize the truth; Others like Hugo Strange, Tim Drake, Vicki Vale, and The Riddler have learned the same truth at some point from the comics and movies.

This close call The dark knight is a perfect example of how risky it can be to share a secret person with others, no matter how trustworthy and trustworthy they are. Unfortunately for Batman it is a risk he must take often, as it is impossible to fight crime without the help of others. Of course, it would also be wise not to keep incriminating records in easily accessible files for someone like Reese to rediscover.

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