A new TV spot for Falcon and the Winter Soldier reveals Baron Zemo’s full suit in all its villainous glory, including his iconic purple mask.

A new TV commercial for Falcon and the winter soldier has revealed the full Baron Zemo costume. The villain first appeared in Captain America: Civil War and was played by Daniel Brühl, who will reprise the role in the upcoming Disney + series. However, Zemo’s costume has been significantly altered from the MCU movie.

After losing his family in the Battle of Sokovia, Zemo devised an evil plan to get revenge on the Avengers by starting a civil war between them. Although he was a former colonel in the Sokovian Armed Forces, Zemo knew he was no match for the Avengers. Instead, he pulled the strings behind the scenes to frame Bucky Barnes for T’Chaka’s murder, knowing that Captain America would come to his defense and that Iron Man would lead the search for the Winter Soldier and eventually uncover a devastating secret that links its past, which would cause civil war of the same name of the film. Zemo was eventually arrested for his crimes and imprisoned, which is the last time he was seen in Civil war.

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Meanwhile, a new Falcon and the winter soldier The TV commercial has provided some new images of Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo. The television commercial was recorded by TNBDERICK and posted on Twitter, which provides some glimpses of Zemo’s full suit, including his signature purple mask, matching gloves, and fur-collar trench coat. Although it’s a low-res video, this recent TV ad has provided perhaps the best look at Baron Zemo’s full costume yet:

Falcon and the winter soldier will see its main characters dealing with numerous threats, such as John Walker (Wyatt Russell) usurping the Captin America mosaic and Flag-Smasher (Erin Kellyman) as a supporting villain, but Baron Zemo is setting himself up as the main villain. A prevailing theory suggests that Zemo chose a mask that resembles Thanos to strike fear in the two Avengers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, who came together during the final moments of Avengers Endgame to defeat the Mad Titan. The mask could even be an indication that Zemo hopes to follow in Thanos’ footsteps.

Zemo’s story is expected to pick up where it left off in Civil war and continue its rich backstory. To Bucky, Zemo is a living reminder of the barbaric acts he committed as a Winter Soldier and will likely use it to his psychological advantage. Fans will be able to see Baron Zemo and his costume in all its villainous glory when Falcon and the winter soldier premieres on Disney + on March 19.

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