Power at Dunder Mifflin is not about who is higher up the corporate ladder. Many Office characters are influenced by charm and relationships.

Fans of The office It’s arguably easy to determine who is the most powerful person in comedy based on their rank in Dunder Mifflin Scranton. But it is not necessarily that simple. Even characters who have been in the office for years and have a higher position don’t have the most influence.

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When it comes to power, rank and financial backing aren’t always at the forefront. Sometimes it’s about personality and work ethic. The more these characters worked, the more benefits and forms of power they saw. But who had more?

10 Toby Flenderson

Poor Toby. As Dunder Mifflin’s head of human relations, one would assume that his word would be the beginning and the end at the office, but that was not the case. Toby was passive and allowed others to trample him. At the end of the day, he wasn’t passionate about his job and didn’t care enough to intervene. He may have had a high level of power in the office (just look at Holly) but his docile personality forbade him to do so.

9 Pam halpert

the office

Pam is one of the characters that gained power over time. After leaving Roy and marrying Jim, she finally found her voice. She spoke for herself, tried new things, and found a higher position than a receptionist.

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However, a new marriage and a higher position didn’t mean that Pam was the most powerful person in the office. They still didn’t take her seriously and most of her co-workers and bosses criticized her.

8 Ryan howard

the office

Ryan doesn’t seem to have stopped Pam at first, but when fans look at his past, he had the makings of a powerful employee at Dunder Mifflin. His educational background was impressive to business, leading him to the position of Northeast Vice President of Sales. His arrogance and assertiveness made him powerful; So much so that even Michael was intimidated by him.

Although Ryan had a fall from grace and was no longer powerful, he still had some influence over Michael, which is all that an employee really needs.

7 Oscar Martinez

the office

Oscar was second in command of the accounting department. Although Angela was in charge, Oscar seemed to be a harder worker who was really good at his job.

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He’s even been said to be the smartest guy in the office, which definitely comes with power. Michael and Kevin didn’t always treat Oscar with respect (especially when it came to his sexuality), but when Oscar demanded attention, they gave it to him.

6 Andy Bernard

Andy may be goofy and theatrical, but fans can’t deny the kind of power he has at times. He was the regional sales manager while in Stamford, became the regional manager for the Scranton branch, and got David Wallace to buy Dunder Mifflin from Jo. It takes a lot of power to convince someone to buy a multi-million dollar company. And while he didn’t always take Andy seriously, he had power.

5 Angela Martin

Angela Martin - The Office

Not only was Angela Martin the chief accountant, she also had bullying on her side. Angela was cold, serious and queen of the office. What she wanted usually happened. His power is seen at its best during the meetings of the Party Planning Committee. Since everyone was afraid of her, Angela got what she wanted. She even got the boy of her dreams in the end.

4 Jim halpert

Jim Halpert in the office

Jim was undoubtedly one of the brightest in the office, but his lack of passion for his job proved to be a hindrance to his work ethic. However, due to his years with the company and his great sales record, Jim had a lot of power, especially with Michael and Dwight. Many times on the show Jim was able to convince them to make the right decision (or a decision that ended in their favor). He was once a regional manager, co-manager, and was later able to persuade David Wallace to let him work two jobs while being paid the same. That’s power.

3 Dwight Schrute

The only reason Dwight is more powerful than Jim is because of his dedication to Dunder Mifflin. He wasn’t always the right person to run the company as a regional director, but he knew everything there was to know about the role and the company’s customers. And as the owner of the building, Dwight had a lot of power over Dunder Mifflin. He set rules for the building, was Michael’s right hand man, and used fear as a scare tactic.

two Jan Levinson

Jan in the office

Jan was not a full-time employee at the Scranton branch, but due to her position as CEO (and her relationship with Michael), she was there often. Due to his work at the company and his intense personality, everyone asked “how high?” when Jan said “jump”. She was a force to be reckoned with and incredibly smart. But there was one person who could make Jan withdraw and change her mind: Michael.

1 Michael Scott

Michael Scott pouring sugar and soda

Michael Scott is a man who always got what he wanted. It was unprofessional, dramatic, and childish, but they all did what he asked. His wild and untapped power is demonstrated when he is able to put Jan under his spell.

Michael was also the Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager for over a decade and had an undeniable influence on David Wallace. David had no idea what Micahel had, but he trusted his strange business instincts. And as annoying as everyone found Michael, they all rallied behind him and supported him in the end.

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