The smart, bold and kind Lisa Simpson is one of the most iconic television characters of all time. But some details about her may have gone unnoticed.

Even though she never gets old (thanks to the show’s floating timeline), Lisa Simpson has a lot to be thankful for. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is also ranked 11th on the list of “The 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time. “Several other television girls have also been modeled after her.

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Like Homer, Lisa has appeared in every episode so far (695). Given the volume, it can be difficult for even the most die-hard fans to notice every little detail about her. Viewers know that Lisa is a very smart girl who enjoys going against social norms. She also likes to be praised. But what about the little details like your email address?

10 She is multilingual

Like other characters, the language that Lisa speaks the most is English. Occasionally, he also talks in Italian with Bart’s friend, Milhouse Van Houten.

In “Treehouse of Horror XIV” from season 15, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences calls Homer to inform him that he has won the Nobel Prize. Lisa is the only one capable of understanding the Swedish language that is spoken. Thanks to her competition, Lisa realizes that the award goes to Professor Frink and not to Homer.

9 Your fluctuating IQ score

There is a bit of confusion regarding Lisa’s IQ. Either it increased or the show’s writers forgot what it was before. When Homer’s new colleague at the nuclear power plant named Frank Grimes comes to visit him, he is amazed at what a wonderful home and family he has. This is because Homer is incompetent at work. Frank is surprised that Lisa has an IQ of 156.

In another episode, Lisa becomes angry that she is no longer the smartest in the family after an IQ test shows that Maggie has an IQ of 167, compared to Lisa’s 159. Maggie ends up being accepted into a school for the gifted instead of Lisa.

8 His birthday

Although she celebrates her birthday a few times, Lisa’s exact date of birth is never revealed in the animated comedy. However, a particular episode allows you to discover it. In season 8 of “My Nanny! My Sister, My Nanny.” Lisa decides to become a professional babysitter, so she starts with Maggie and Bart.

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However, Bart is determined to give her a very difficult time. Bart is revealed to be older than Lisa by 2 years and 38 days. Since Bart’s birthday had previously been set as April 1, Lisa’s birthday should be May 9.

7 She is a member of two organizations

Paul and Linda McCartney in The Simpsons

Lisa is an activist for animal rights and a member of the organization known as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She has been seen condemning some of her family members for their treatment of animals.

He is also a member of Mensa International. This is an organization of people with higher IQs. Members must first take an intelligence test where they must score 98% or higher. The members of the organization want to create a utopia to avoid problems created by people with a lower IQ.

6 Your e-mail adress

When Principal Skinner asks the school president, Martin, to resign, Lisa throws her heart into the ring. Despite opinion polls showing Nelson Muntz will win, Lisa comes out on top.

As president, some of her details are revealed and one of them is her email address. The address looks like smartgirl63 _ @ Trust Lisa to recognize your intelligence in her own email address. In the real world, the email would be invalid because Yahoo does not allow backslash to be included in an address.

5 She is the first Simpson to have her name mentioned

The Simpsons made their first appearance in a short titled “Good Night” in 1987. The hilarious short aired on The Tracey Ullman Show. After appearing on the show for three years, the animated comedy received a full series order.

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In the short, Homer is seen saying good night to Bart Simpson. Marge then says goodbye to Lisa, who is mentioned by her first name. Lisa is afraid that the bed bugs will catch her once Marge leaves, but Marge assures her that everything will be fine. The first names of the other Simpsons were later revealed.

4 Religious beliefs

Lisa has had a total of three different religious affiliations during her time on the animated comedy. He first changes his religion from Christianity to paganism after realizing that the pagan rain dance really works. When she dances and it starts to rain, she declares herself a pagan.

After opposition from his parents, he decides to change his religion back to Christianity. And when Springfield First Church invites local businesses to advertise on its wall space, Lisa is upset at how much the church has been commercialized and decides to convert to Buddhism.

3 His first words

In season 4, Marge shares a story of how Lisa’s first word as a child was “Bart.” Initially, Bart is jealous of Lisa for receiving all the attention after her birth. They even give Lisa her room. He declares that he hates her and tries to run away, but then Lisa yells his name. Bart thus begins to love Lisa.

Maggie, on the other hand, screams the word “dad” when she finally speaks. As for Bart, the first words that came out of his mouth were “Oh geez!”

two Musical prowess

Given how talented Lisa is with various things, it can be difficult to fully understand her musical mastery. Although she does not sing very often, Lisa once enters a singing contest and wins.

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She has also been seen with a couple of instruments, specifically the six-string acoustic, the piano, the electric bass, the saxophone, and the accordion. Her favorite instrument is the baritone saxophone, which she has been seen with almost every season. His saxophone skills were also sharpened by the mentorship of jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy.

1 Political beliefs

Lisa is not interested in American politics. Unlike her other family members, she has rarely been heard to comment on American politicians. However, his opinion is clear regarding the politics of a couple of oppressed countries. An “End of Apartheid” can be seen in your bedroom in the previous seasons before South Africa achieved independence.

He also supports the Free Tibet movement that discourages the illegal occupation of Tibet. After beating other students in a spelling bee at school, he randomly yells “Free Tibet!”

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