Following a teenage detective trapped in the body of a child, detective conan is one of the longest-running and most popular anime and manga franchises. With nearly a thousand episodes, the anime adaptation of the series has spawned 23 films, with the 24th, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, coming out later this year. Of course, not all of these movies can be a hit, and detective conan has definitely had its fair share of stinks. Here are the five worst outings for the detective boy.

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5. Detective Conan: The Requiem of Private Detectives

Detective Conan Private Detective Requiem

The 10 detective conan film, Detective’s Requiem was released in 2006. When Conan, Ran and the Detective Boys go to meet Kogoro Mouri’s new client. They are in a hotel near Miricle Land theme park.

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The host introduces all the children and Ran to watches that allow them to enjoy the park for free, except that Conan can’t go. Soon, a mysterious person reveals himself and informs Conan that the clocks are bombs, and if someone leaves the park, they will explode. If Conan and Kogoro can’t solve a mystery for the mystery person, they will blow up the clocks.

To save the day, Conan has to team up with the Kaito Kid and Conan’s old rival-turned-friend, Heiji Hattori. Saguru Hakuba of the Magic Kaito The franchise also makes an appearance. This film was intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary of detective conan and, accordingly, it includes a lot of referrals and callbacks. Unfortunately, this means that the film is also out of focus and poorly paced, making the plot difficult to follow at times.

The film was released on Blu-ray in 2011. However, it has not received an English dub.

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Four. Detective Conan: Crossroads in the Old Capital

Detective Conan Crossroad in the old capital

Crossroads in the old capital it was 7 detective conan film. In it, Conan is called in to investigate a series of robberies and murders. It turns out that all the victims were part of a criminal group called Genjibotaru. This causes Conan to become embroiled in a complex plot involving priceless statues, riddles and secret gangs, and his often hostile inner workings.

While the mystery at the center of the movie is great, Crossroads in the old capital It is often criticized for its slow pace, especially around the act in between. The film is based on classic myths and there are long excerpts dedicated to explaining them, which can be difficult to understand if this is not a topic that interests you.

The film was not dubbed into English, but is available on Blu-ray in Japan and several European territories.

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3. Detective Conan: Full Scary Score

Detective Conan Full Scary Score

Full scary score is the 12 detective conan film. After an explosion in a concert hall, Conan is taken to an investigation. Someone is killing and injuring musicians. All of them are destined to perform at the inauguration of the Domoto concert hall. This forces Conan and the Detective Boys to protect the remaining members in hopes that they can prevent everyone from dying, all while trying to solve a sinister bombing plot.

However, frankly, this story is boring. Especially compared to other films in the franchise, something that is only compounded by a rather unsatisfying ending. It runs both sides of the line between the most well-founded and the most fantastic cases. Because of this, the movie feels like a mediocre version of both formats.

This movie came out on Blu-ray in 2011, but it was only released in Japan and some European territories.

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two. Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

Detective Conan The Eleventh Striker

The sixteenth film in the franchise, The eleventh forward, it has a fascinating history. He was created as the PR manager of the Japan J-League soccer league, Yasuaki Iwasada, he was a great detective conan fan and friends with detective conan producer Michihiko Suwa.

When Conan and the Detective Boys attend an event where J-League players play soccer with children, they end up watching a game. However, during this game, Kogoro receives a phone call saying that someone has hidden a bomb in the stadium. Conan finds and disarms the bomb, but has to find out the identity of the attacker before his next attack.

The movie features many real-world J-League stars voicing characters, and while it should be fun for league fans, if you don’t like Japanese league football, you will probably have a hard time enjoying this movie. On top of this, the bombing story feels a bit generic. Other detective conan movies have used the concept in a more exciting way.

Like most of the last detective conan movies, this movie was released on Blu-ray in Japanese and received several European dubbing. Unfortunately, there is no English dubbing.

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1. Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the deep blue

Detective Conan Jolly Rodger in the deepest azure

Released in 2007, Jolly Roger in the deep blue is the eleventh film in the detective conan franchise. Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi chase some thieves but, when the robbers are knocked out, one says “Jolly Rodger” and “Isla Koumi”. Fortunately, the head of tourism invites Kogoro Mouri to Koumi Island and decides to take Conan, Ran, and the entire gang with him.

The island is full of treasure hunters, and the Detective Boys decide to go on a treasure hunt. However, things quickly turn dark when a diver is killed by a shark. Conan quickly realizes that it is a murder and tries to solve the mystery of the island. This movie feels like a stereotypical anime filler beach episode extended to be a feature film. The plot is bland and boring, and it often seems like it wasn’t originally written as a detective conan the film as an element of mystery is extremely flimsy.

In 2011, Japan would get a Blu-ray release of this movie, and there are several European dubs of it. But so far, no one has dubbed the film into English or given it an official subtitled release.

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