One of the best parts of an immersive theme park experience is all the themed food, and while the Super Nintendo World grand opening at Universal Studios Japan has been postponed due to COVID restrictions in Osaka, they have had early previews and openings. soft. , giving the world an idea of ​​what will be available once things are officially up and running. With a restaurant and two snack stands, there are tons of options to choose from and yes, unsurprisingly, there is a heavy presence of mushrooms.

Originally scheduled to open in early February, once the grounds actually open up to guests, be sure to starve, but know that even then, you probably won’t be able to sample the entire menu in one sitting, unless you have a bottomless pit in your stomach. At Kinopio’s Café, which is of course entered through a mushroom-shaped facade and filled with fun-themed decor, you can choose from over a dozen food selections, along with four desserts and a couple of specialty drinks. . Personally, I’d like to try either (or let’s face it, both!) Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger or Luigi’s Green Curry Chicken Sandwich, especially since they come with a little plastic Mario or Luigi hat on top. All food portions appear to be a good size and could be easily shared, if you want to order some options to try.

The only vegetarian options available at Kinopio’s are Piranha Plant Caprese, Yoshi’s favorite fruit and vegetable salad, and mushroom soup. Note that you can’t customize foods, so if you’re not a fan of mushrooms (even the fire flower spaghetti and meatballs, and Yoshi’s spinach carbonara come with mushrooms), you may want to focus on the mushrooms. desserts. When it comes to those dessert options, the most amazing food award on Super Nintendo World goes to Princess Peach’s Cake. The Strawberry Sharing Cake features raspberries, multi-colored sprinkles, and star cookies, and is accompanied by a cookie with a note from Princess Peach herself that reads, “I poured my heart into this cake I baked for you. I hope you enjoy. Sincerely, Peach. ”

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While it’s disappointing that you can’t take home the adorable removable mushroom lid soup bowl, you can purchase a Super Mushroom or Mushroom Sipper at Yoshi’s Snack Island, conveniently located near Yoshi’s Adventure attraction. And it wouldn’t be a theme park without souvenir popcorn buckets, and you can choose between Mario Kart and Super Star, as well as one of two earth-themed popcorn flavors: Caramel Peach or Mushroom Cream.

Be sure to see a small selection below of the hundreds of photos that Chris Nilghe (aka TDR Explorer) has displayed on his website and has graciously given us permission to feature on Collider. You can see their coverage of Universal Studios Japan. on your website. And if you are looking to visit one of Asia’s amazing theme parks (as always, following all current safety protocols), go to, the leading English lifestyle website dedicated to creating content for or traveling to theme park fans in Asia, where you can provide the best advice.

Photo for TDR Explorer

Photo for TDR Explorer

Photo for TDR Explorer

Photo for TDR Explorer

Photo for TDR Explorer

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