In a banner year for adventure games that pushed the boundaries of visuals and playability, two games emerged as favorites with critics and readers alike.

The Aggie Awards are presented by the Adventure Gamers website every year to honor the best of the adventure game genre. This year had several of the top contenders, including the first game to feature a main playable trans character, stunning visuals from games like Moon: the dust of the shadows and titles with an intricate and compelling world construction.

But despite the level of competition, two games stood out from the crowd. These titles won not only a number of awards in different categories, but also some of the top Aggie awards. In fact, No game: wrong dimension Y Röki he nearly swept the Aggie Awards in the categories of critics and readers alike, often alternating between winner and runner-up. Here’s a look at these two adventure games and why they are winning all these awards.

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No game: wrong dimension

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Developer Draw Me A Pixel Might Resist Calling Its Debut Title No game: wrong dimension a “game”, but part of this experience is learning to ignore their suggestions. This game is apparently about finding and controlling a software anomaly named Mr. Glitch, but the joy of There is no game it is the antagonistic relationship between the game and the player. To beat the levels, players must ignore the rules and interact with the interface, knocking down the power bars or using the pause button as a tool in a way that destroys the fourth wall.

There is no game took home a series of Aggies, including some of the most prominent awards. It was voted “Best Adventure of 2020” and came in second for the Reader’s Choice award in the same category, indicating that critics and gamers alike favored this game. There is no game It also took home “Best Non-Traditional Adventure,” “Best Concept,” “Best Gameplay” and “Best Character” from critics and readers alike, while being voted “Best Screenplay – Comedy” by readers. Both groups found him a finalist in the “Best Performance” category.

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Adventure Players call There is no game a “bold, brilliant and surprising explosion of pure and unbridled entertainment”, which makes clear his intense love for this game. Its meta-nature has been compared to beloved titles like Stanley’s Parable while its originality is continually praised. The success of There is no game it depends only in part on its absurd premise: the clean puzzle design and polish of the game are what allow its absurdity, which together has earned it the accolade of “Best Adventure”.


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Developed by Polygon Treehouse, Röki is a more traditional adventure game set in a Scandinavian fairy tale. Players follow Tove as he sets out to rescue his younger brother Lars from the titular monster, collecting items in a backpack that can be used to solve puzzles and unlock forest trails. Aggie Prize Reviews of Röki call it “the whole package“of everything that should be an adventure game and an example of”the genre well done. “

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Röki it was voted “Best Adventure of 2020” by readers and was a finalist for the critics version. Readers and critics alike awarded him “Best Traditional Adventure” and he won the Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Graphic Design” and “Best Animation.” Röki It was also a finalist for “Best Story”, “Best Script – Drama”, “Best Character”, “Best Gameplay”, “Best Music” and “Best Sound Effects”.

The decision divided on “The best adventure of 2020” between No game: wrong dimension (the critic’s choice) and Röki (reader’s choice) and highlights the success of both games. In each case, the other game was the runner-up, suggesting that both were favored almost equally, a fact further highlighted by the agreement among critics and readers that Röki it was the best classic adventure game and There is no game the best non-traditional.

While 2020 was a banner year for adventure games, with many mechanical or artistic design masterpieces pushing the limits, the Aggie Awards suggest there were two highlights. Röki Y No game: wrong dimension They have been identified as clear favorites by both critics and readers, making them must-have games for fans of the genre.

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