The most recent episode of WandaVision brought the idea of ​​the “Nexus” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to a carefully crafted ad, created to be an easter egg that pokes fun at what’s to come, the scene has sparked a lot of discussion around the Nexus.

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However, while hardcore Marvel Comics fans may be quite used to the Nexus concept, there are many casual members of the audience who may not be familiar with the source material. So as the show continues to explore comic icons like the twins, playing with characters from other universes, and playing around with the introduction of the Nexus, there are many things to keep in mind about the reality-altering entity.

10 Unknown origins

Nexus of all realities

It is not entirely clear how the Nexus of All Realities was actually created. It may have always been there, before the universe itself. Maybe it was created in conjunction with The Big Bang. There have even been theories that some kind of god could have created it.

The mystery surrounding the Nexus is strange. Often in Marvel Comics some strange entity like this is explained or given a definite origin. The Marvel Cinematic Universe can choose to follow this path or follow the comics that inspired the show and continue the mystery.

9 Nexus beings

Wanda solo

There are several characters from across the Marvel Universe known as Nexus Beings. They could be considered deities in some way. They are people who can really impact reality through their own magic or powers.

Wanda Maximoff is one of those Nexus beings in the comics, with her abilities proving that she can completely change reality, partly thanks to her hexes. For the MCU, WandaVision is beginning to show that the Scarlet Witch can also be a Nexus Being in this on-screen reality.

8 The authority of time variation

Loki's Time Variation Authority

Time Variance Authority has an incredibly important role in the comics, as it watches over the timeline of the Marvel Universe, ensuring that everything remains intact. For the MCU, Loki will feature a small screen version of TVA.

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One of his other duties is to observe the Nexus Beings, across the Nexus of all Realities, to ensure that they do not alter reality and the universe too much. It’s extremely possible that TVA could have this role in the MCU as they try to fix some of the more confusing aspects of Marvel’s timeline.

7 Traveling through realities

Part of the Nexus is that it allows people to travel through different realities. This is incredibly important to the Marvel Multiverse. While there are other ways, of course, it is a way to organize the Multiverse for the audience to understand.

Perhaps this is exactly how Quicksilver made its way into the MCU from the Fox universe. Of course, with the Multiverse becoming a point of interest for this on-screen universe, it is possible that the Nexus of All Realities has a similar role here to the comics.

6 Many entrances in many worlds

Marvel Nexus of all realities

Each reality has its own entry point to the Nexus of all realities. In many ways, the Nexus is like a corridor to the different worlds that populate the Marvel Multiverse. As such, there has to be a door to get in and out.

The traditional Earth-616 has an entrance located in a Louisiana swamp. However, the other realities have their own alternate locations for entry, and each world has only one. In fact, the MCU version can also be found in the same swamp.

5 Realities between realities


One of the strangest elements of the Nexus of All Realities is that it actually opens up the universe even further, allowing the characters to travel to what are known as “the realities between realities.” This may seem like a pretty strange concept to those who have never read a comic.

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However, these surrealities are slightly alternate versions of the main realities. However, these kinds of realities can extend beyond human understanding. Some realities could also fit into a completely different category, with the Micro-verse being a good example of this.

4 Future timelines

The Nexus of all realities also connects to future timelines that could potentially exist. As in the MCU, each time a new reality is created thanks to the branched timelines, it is added to the Nexus of all realities.

This has allowed the comics to explore a number of potential futures, each with a different destiny for these famous heroes. The MCU has introduced the idea of ​​branching time streams, so there is a possibility that these two things are interconnected; perhaps changing the current reality by bringing mutants.

3 Man thing

Man-Thing is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. The Nexus is extremely dangerous, and therefore some doors have guards to protect it at all costs. For the Marvel Universe, Man-Thing is one of these key guardians.

For an unknown reason, he has been drawn to the Nexus and therefore lives in the swamps, driving away those who might use it for evil purposes. The MCU has yet to introduce Man-Thing, although he is a character that could be credibly brought in for this very purpose.

two Previous MCU appearance

Nexus Internet Center

The Nexus has appeared in the MCU before, although not in the way that was expected. Tony Stark has mentioned the Nexus as a digital program that links the world’s data and information (something Ultron takes advantage of).

It seems strange that the Nexus has been used this way before. It is possible that the continuity is simply changing and this is simply an Easter egg that should now be ignored, or there may be a possibility that this is somehow related to the Nexus reality as well.

1 The future of the Nexus

WandaVision Episode 7 Commercial Nexus

How this could affect the future of the MCU, of course, remains to be seen, but with the Multiverse becoming a huge part of the Doctor Strange and Spider-Man sequels, the Nexus may be the key to this.

Quicksilver has already appeared on Fox’s timeline and more shocking links like this could happen, thanks to the manipulation of the Nexus. The introduction of the Time Variation Authority only adds to this speculation.

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