WandaVision Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” has an Office-style opening that includes a threatening message that soon fades.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, now on air Disney +.

This week in WandaVision, the sitcom within a show entered the more contemporary era of television, referencing the mockumentary style seen on shows like Modern Family Y Parks and Recreation. Along with the confessionals, the show paid tribute to one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s with a Office style opening; however, within the reference, there is a dark message for Wanda.

Right after Wanda finishes her first confessional, the ever-changing opening is interrupted. Every new episode of WandaVision – Episode 4, “We Interrupt This Show”, excluded: It has a new opening to fit the television age it is imitating, recreating program openings like Haunted Y Malcolm in the middle. Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth”, does too, with a song that is incredibly similar to The offices topic; however, the images are not copied directly from the program.

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Instead of introducing the entire cast of characters in WandaVision doing mundane things around Westview, similar to The offices Opening, this week’s opening is just about Wanda Maximoff. Most of the other WandaVision The openings have featured references to characters outside of the titular pair, and all of them thus far have featured Vision as a main character. However, this opening simply features the name “Wanda” repeated multiple times in different styles, and Vision is only included in the final title.

Secret Note from WandaVision

Along with this switch, there is something else in the opening. While the name “Wanda” appears on the screen, at 4:17 am her name is spelled out in magazine clips, like a ransom note. In the blink of an eye and you’ll miss that moment, the camera reveals the rest of this awkward message, which says, “I know what you’re doing, Wanda.”

As well as looking like a letter from a kidnapper, the message itself stands out. It’s the only direct statement in the opening, and it’s one that leaves viewers wondering who wrote this. The message is directed at Wanda, so it could be someone trying to reach her. This style of message feels appropriate for a kidnapping situation, and Wanda is holding Westview citizens against their will; however, they are unlikely to be behind this.

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Vision is also aware of what is happening and has been actively against what Wanda is doing regardless of his feelings for her. While he is barely mentioned in this opening, the message could be from him. It’s unlikely that he’s literally interfering with the mechanics of the show, but his disapproval of Wanda’s actions could be haunting his subconscious.

Wanda’s subconscious has influenced the show before, and in-universe commercials often depict her trauma. While Wanda does not want to leave Westview, this past week saw her doubt whether what she was doing was right or not, so this could be her fault in the form of a sinister message.

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This message could also be from the real brain behind WandaVision, Agnes, also known as Agatha Harkness. Agatha not only revealed her true identity, but also revealed that she was behind much of WandaVision, including the reintroduction of “Pietro” and the death of Sparky. She is even seen as the woman who asks the questions during confessionals, so this message could be from her as well, but she is not a threat. He could simply be alluding to Agatha’s plans to finally reveal the truth to Wanda, as he does at the end of the episode.

Along with this direct message, there are some other subtle potential messages within the opening. “I know what you are doing Wanda” has several letters that are made up of other words; however, they are all backwards and faded, making it difficult to tell if there is anything significant in those letters. There is also a videotape that has “Master Wanda” printed on it, referencing Wanda’s control over Westview, and there is a sign from the store that reads, “Sorry, we are Wanda,” which could again refer to Wanda’s guilt. Wanda for what she’s doing. These could also be different ways of incorporating Wanda’s name into the opening; However, it’s hard to deny the strange nature of the mysterious “I know what you’re doing Wanda” message.

Written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman, WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, Paul Bettany as Vision, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, and Kathryn Hahn as Agnes. New episodes airing Fridays on Disney +.

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