A WandaVision moment referencing Carol Danvers suggests some friction between her and Monica Rambeau, who will appear in Captain Marvel 2.

WandaVisionThe seemingly casual reference to Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) was actually set up for the role of Monica Rambeau in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2. The MCU’s inaugural Disney + series premiered its first two episodes in January and is nearing the end of its nine episodes, with the finale releasing on March 5. Captain Marvel 2 It is currently scheduled to launch in November 2022, with Nia DaCosta attached to direct.

As WandaVision revealed that Westview resident Geraldine was actually Monica Rambeau, SWORD’s captain and daughter of its founder Maria Rambeau, fans have closely followed her development throughout the series. The character made her first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a child on the set of the 90s. Captain Marvel, where she was played by Akira Akbar, Y Crazy men actress Teyonah Parris took on the adult role for this series. Rambeau has had multiple superhero aliases in the comics, including replacing Danvers as Captain Marvel, so audiences have been eager to see which direction Feige and company choose to take her. something in her, but the exact nature of her new powers remains unknown.

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Marvel has already announced that Parris will reprise her role in Captain Marvel 2, and a brief moment in WandaVision Episode 5 suggests a serious tension in his relationship with Brie Larson’s Danvers. When Agent Woo and Darcy mention Captain Marvel, Rambeau pauses, makes a face, and changes the subject, and Parris suggests in an exclusive interview that this was an intentionally vague omen:

There was a reaction when Carol’s name was mentioned. Everyone has their own opinion on what it could be. I know it was announced that I would be joining Captain Marvel 2, so Monica Rambeau will be there with Iman and Brie, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. I hope we have the opportunity and the space to further explore that relationship that was established in the first Captain Marvel and that we are joking about here. There is room for that to grow.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers Endgame

Little is known about the plot of Captain Marvel 2, in part because the film is confirmed to include both Rambeau and Kamala Khan from Iman Vellani, the star of the Disney + series. Mrs. Marvel which is nebulously scheduled to debut in late 2021. With Rambeau’s WandaVision The arc is still ongoing and Khan’s character has yet to be introduced, as well as many other MCU content that could have multiverse-altering consequences before him on the release schedule, it’s hard to know how things will look for. then. But it certainly seems like something happened to the bitter stuff between Rambeau and Danvers since the ’90s, when the two were quite loving.

While there have been no direct indications as to what might have created a gap between them, it is reasonable to speculate that it has something to do with Monica’s mother. Maria Rambeau was best friends with Danvers before she became super powerful, and a WandaVision episode revealed that Maria died of cancer after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, while his daughter was lost in the snap of Thanos. Monica regenerated in the hospital to learn that her mother had been dead for years, and with the time that Captain Marvel had spent off Earth, there could be lingering resentment there. Fans will have to wait a bit before knowing for sure, but it’s gratifying to know that the time spent reading every second of WandaVision it will eventually pay off.

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  • Captain Marvel 2 (2022)Release Date: Nov 11, 2022

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