With Supergirl set to make her DCEU debut in the upcoming Flash movie, does this possibly mean a Girl of Steel movie is happening?

Supergirl Officially Joins the DCEU in Ezra Miller’s Upcoming Film The flash movie, and it probably means great things await the Girl of Steel. One of the upcoming DC movies currently in the works is the long-awaited movie based on Scarlet Speedster. While Grant Gustin has been playing the DC icon on The CW’s The flash In the Arrowverse, Barry Allen will soon be a big screen gamer too. Andy Muschietti is set to direct the DCEU movie that will loosely be based on the game-changing story arc Flash point. When Barry goes back in time to save his mother Nora Allen from being murdered, it affects the entire universe as he returns to a present that has been completely rewritten. Various DC characters will appear alongside Miller’s Flash, including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s respective Batman versions.

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But Muschietti recently came out with a great surprise character to The flash when she revealed that Sasha Calle will be joining the cast as Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl. Similar to Gustin’s Arrowverse show, The Last Daughter of Krypton is currently played by Melissa Benoist on The CW’s. Supergirl. While the series ends later this year, Girl of Steel will soon be joining the DCEU with Calle portraying the cinematic iteration of Kal-El’s famous cousin. This will be the first time a Latin actress has played Supergirl and the second time she has appeared in a feature film after the 1984 Helen Slater film. The capacity of her role is still unknown, but given that more than 425 actresses auditioned for the role, it’s fair to say that Supergirl will be a key character in The flash.

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Yet as exciting as the addition of Supergirl is The flash, raises questions about what the DCEU has planned for her after Flashpoint. Since Supergirl is such a great DC character, there is no way she would just appear in The flash as a one-time deal. In recent years, there have been reports of Warner Bros. developing a Supergirl movie with various updates here and there. In 2018, the study was reported to be considering a Supergirl film while focusing less on Henry Cavill Superman franchise. But after 2017 League of Justice, there has been a lot of restructuring at DC Films, including Supergirl remaining on hold, if the 2020 rumors are true. But with Calle’s cast, this bodes well for the potential of a feature film for Girl of Steel sometime in the near future.

The flash it’s most likely more of an introduction to her in the DCEU with maybe a little setup of what her solo movie would be about. It is quite possible that it depends heavily on as Kara knows this continuity. Since there has been no indication that Cavill’s Superman will appear, perhaps Supergirl will influence the story as a result of the Flashpoint event. Once the studio sees the finished product of The flash In addition to the Street Supergirl in action, more progression will follow. But given Kara’s great status in DC, Warner Bros. likely used the casting process to find an actress as well who wasn’t just a supporting actor in The flash, but that would also star in its own franchise.

Although a Supergirl film has more potential than ever to happen, Calle Flash The concert could also lead to many different DCEU opportunities. Should a Man of Steel 2 occur, The flash it could serve as a way for the House of El cousins ​​to finally find out. That would be the first time that Kara and Clark would be together in a feature film. If Cavill returns to the role of Superman, it would be an exciting new chapter for the character to discover that he is a biological cousin on Earth. Calle’s Supergirl could be used to team up with Batgirl, as Barbara Gordon also has a DCEU movie in development. There are several great DCEU options for Kara and hopefully The flash indicates that the character of Calle will come to star in his own Supergirl movie too.

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