After WhatsApp explained what it is doing to help users prepare for its policy updates, a report describes what will happen if users do not accept them.

Users of Whatsapp You will be given until May 15 to agree to the terms of its updated privacy policy, after which some features will be disabled first and finally the rest, according to a report. The app is updating its terms of service and privacy policy to reflect the changes it is making to the way it interacts with its parent company Facebook. The intention is to improve the functionality to interact with businesses through WhatsApp, but it caused a backlash among users when it was first announced and many were concerned about the data that would be shared with Facebook.

Many thought that the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy would give Facebook access to their chats. In fact, chats with friends and family are end-to-end encrypted, which means that only participants can see them, and that’s not going to change. What has changed recently is WhatsApp’s increased focus on e-commerce. Many don’t use this functionality, but it allows people to message businesses and even make payments. The integration between Facebook and WhatsApp makes it easy for users and businesses to connect through messages, but it also means that some data is stored on Facebook’s servers. Furthermore, data from messages with companies may be used by them for commercial purposes. Changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy are to accommodate this, although it has acknowledged that perhaps they did not communicate as well as they should and says yes. “He reflected on what we could have done better here.”

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After initially seeking to reassure users about the changes and then delaying them so they could take the time to properly address them, WhatsApp last week detailed what it would be doing to help prepare users for the update. He explained that a banner would be displayed in the app in the coming weeks providing information about the changes, and additional information has also been provided. added to website. WhatsApp noted that users may want time to review the changes and even perhaps to see what competitors might offer, but did not say what would happen if users did not accept the updated policy before the new May 15 deadline. TechCrunch, however, it says have you seen an email sent from WhatsApp to a business partner, whose content WhatsApp has confirmed to you, describing what will happen if users do not accept the new policy.

WhatsApp: What will happen if users do not accept the policy?

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Ultimately, if people want to continue using WhatsApp, they will have to accept the new policy. There will not be an option to opt out of the changes that are being made. Of course, since those changes are less onerous than many initially thought, this shouldn’t matter to most, and for those who do, the issue could be effectively negated by simply not interacting with businesses via WhatsApp. or even just those tagged as use of external hosting services.

In the event that a user does not accept the terms before May 15, it is reported that WhatsApp “ask slowly” they do. The email is quoted as saying that sometime thereafter, “For a short time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will not be able to read or send messages from the application.” This short time is said to be a few weeks and after that it looks like they will have to accept the changes to use the app. The alternative would be to jump on the ship like Signal or Telegram.

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Source: TechCrunch, Whatsapp

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