What has been seen so far from Godzilla vs. Kong raises the possibility that the King of the Monsters could defeat Kong twice in the movie.

What has been seen so far Godzilla vs. Kong raises the possibility of Godzilla defeating Kong on two separate occasions in the film. That could happen, considering the two Titans will clearly fight more than once in the next MonsterVerse movie.

The trailers for Godzilla vs. Kong They have anticipated the long-awaited showdown between the two rival alphas. Thanks to a massive size upgrade and the addition of an ax made from Godzilla’s dorsal fins, Kong is no longer the weakest he ever was. The first full trailer made it very clear that despite Godzilla’s fearsome reputation, Kong can defend himself against him in a fight and possibly win as well. The ax, which has the ability to catch Godzilla’s atomic breath, takes away his largest weapon and can make it easier for Kong to dethrone the King of the Monsters.

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However, the details about Godzilla vs. Kong indicate that despite the improvements made to Kong, Gojira has a good chance of winning not once, but twice in the film. First of all, Godzilla is well positioned to win the battle taking place both on and near the aircraft carrier. Godzilla almost killed Ghidorah in the ocean in Godzilla: King of the Monsters shows you have the upper hand in the water. The conditions of this fight favor Godzilla, who will naturally feel at home in the water. The devastating blow Godzilla delivered to Kong while on top of the battleship may be the first of many blows he will deal Kong during this fight.

Godzilla beats Kong in a new trailer

It’s worth noting that Kong doesn’t appear to have the ax at the moment, and this provides further evidence that Godzilla will be victorious here. It seems likely that Kong will acquire it while exploring the tunnels of the Hollow Earth, where more about the War of the Titans will be discovered among his ancestors. It seems like the purpose of the ax in the story is to give Kong an advantage over Godzilla, but it wouldn’t make sense if Kong wins his first fight. If Kong can defeat Godzilla without a weapon, then there would be no reason for the ax in the first place. Godzilla winning the opening round would explain why Kong needs him.

Of course, just because Kong has this mighty ax doesn’t mean he’ll win the final victory in the movie. The original crossover, King Kong vs. Godzilla, saw Godzilla win his first full round and Kong win the rematch, but MonsterVerse doesn’t have to follow the same formula. If the movie has three fights, there could be at least one in which Kong comes out winning, but the last battle could go either way. A show in the trailer shows the ax on the ground, suggesting that it will be off the table during a particular showdown. If it’s Godzilla who wins, it could be his second triumph over Kong in the movie. Going in this direction would be a way of Godzilla vs. Kong may offer a definitive answer as to which monster really deserves to be the Alpha of the Titans.

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  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Release Date: March 31, 2021

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