Wrong Turn 2021 reboots the long-running horror franchise, but who are the main leads of the new film and where have audiences seen them before?

The rebooted Wrong turn It arrived in January 2021, but who are the main leads in the film and where have audiences seen the cast before? Released in 2003, the original Wrong turn It was an unpretentious but relatively effective throwback to the bloody forest loggers of the 1970s who saw their cast of attractive suburbanites take on monstrous highlanders in a bloody fight to the death. Due to his inspiration for The Hills Have Eyes Y The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong turn he avoided the sharp political commentary of those previous hits to focus on a simple story with gruesome murders.

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The original Wrong turn was an unexpected success, resulting in a series of increasingly goofy comic sequels. However, when the sixth installment arrived, the recent remakes of both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Y The Hills Have Eyes The franchises, as well as their subsequent sequels, ensured audiences grew weary of the bloody, fried horror tales of the countryside. Now, however, the revival of popular horror depicted by people like Midsummer has secured the Wrong turn The series has an audience again, leading to a new reboot.

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A more serious and thoughtful exploration of the themes of the franchise, this rebooted Wrong turn stars in a host of recognizable faces, and in some cases, soon to be shattered, from film and television. Let’s take a look at the list of heroes and villains from the movie.

Charlotte Vega as Jen Shaw

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The star of the acclaimed Irish indie horror of 2017 The tenantsCharlotte Vega is no stranger to the world of creepy country horror movies. She heads the new Wrong turn Depart as Jen, a hiker who joins her friends on an Appalachian trail that soon turns bloody.

Adain Bradley as Darius Clemons

Darius wrong turn

Recently seen soaking in a hot tub at CW’s Riverdale as punishment for his character’s penchant for being a womanizer, Adain Bradley Wrong turn The role sees the actor get a well-earned opportunity to play the good guy for a change. And a good guy Darius Clemons certainly is, like Vega’s heroine Jen’s well-meaning boyfriend.

Bill Sage as Ram Skull

Bill Sage, a frequent contributor to Hal Hartley and a beloved indie veteran, has a casting role in Wrong turn reboot, and while not much is known about his “Ram Skull” character beyond his name, sometimes that’s clue enough. Odds are the horror actor who was recently seen on The boy, We are what we are, Y The pale door will take on villain duties once again.

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Emma Dumont as Milla D’Angelo

Best known for her brief role in Inherent vice, Emma Dumont plays Milla, the best friend of Wrong turnJen, the aforementioned heroine, who will surely be able to avoid the gruesome fate that befalls most of the horror heroine’s best friends.

Dylan McTee as Adam

Last seen in the 2018 indie horror hit Wind, Dylan McTee will play Adam, Milla’s boyfriend who will likely enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

Matthew Modine as Scott

Matthew Modine in the wrong turn

Recently seen in season 1 of Strange things and possibly best known for the classic war movies The metal jacket, Matthew Modine plays Jen’s father Scott, who goes looking for his daughter a few weeks after his team of hikers disappears without a trace in the desert.

Wrong Turn supporting cast

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Completing the Wrong turn The ensemble is Adrian Favela and Vardaan Arora as another couple, Luis and Gary, who go hiking with the central quartet, and Daisy Head as the mysterious Edith.

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