A classic figure in Avengers history appears to have ties to a mysterious and powerful anti-mutant conspiracy, which pits him against the X-Men.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for SWORD # 3 by Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti, Ray-Anthony Height, Bernard Chang, Nico Leon, Marte Gracia and Ariana Maher of VC, out now.

The X-Men have been making more and more enemies since the beginning of the “Dawn of X” era. This includes some who have gone into hiding to prepare for the conflicts to come, and perhaps the most dangerous have already recruited a classic member of the Marvel Universe.

In SWORD # 3, it appears that Henry Peter Gyrich has reverted to his old habits, apparently working with some of the X-Men’s greatest enemies, the first human initiative Orchis, to find a way to bring about the ruin of Krakoa in an effort to stop mutants to surpass humanity.

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The events of King in black They have forced every corner of the Marvel Universe to fight to counter Knull and his growing influence. This includes the mutant space program SWORD, which has sent most of its roster to Krakoa to aid in the battle against a Cable Knull-ified. Meanwhile, Manifold has made his way through the universe in search of a possible backup. This includes visiting the base of the Alpha Flight satellite hovering over Earth. Formerly commanded by Captain Marvel and Abigail Brand, Alpha Flight has been handed over to Peter Gyrich, a former ally of the Avengers government. Gyrich has a lot of negative history with the X-Men due to his fears about the mutant race’s potential to surpass humanity.

That fear seems to have persisted today, as Manifold arrives in time to hear Gryich and hears him explain that humanity has to organize itself to respond to the growth and development of Krakoa. While Gyrich is distracted, Manifold examines a schematic that links Gryich directly to the Orchis Protocol. Comprised of former members of SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, ARMOR, AIM, Alpha Flight, HAMMER, and Hydra, Orchis was responsible for creating a new Mother Mold near Earth’s sun. Fortunately, the Mother Mold was shot down by the X-Men during House of X at the cost of several lives, leading the Five to use their powers for the first time.

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Henry Gyrich Orchis

Gyrich appears to be talking to Doctor Killian Devo, an important figure within the show, which would be quite damning, but the Orchis Protocol breakdown suggests that Gyrich is actually one of the show’s seven bosses. There are six others (including a Central Executive in the center), all of whom remain classified. Manifold can return the file and escape, but unfortunately he loses perhaps the most important information he could have obtained: that Gryich has a mole inside the new SWORD.

Manifold at least informs Brand of the event before returning to battle, which means that the X-Men at least have an idea of ​​what Gyrich is planning even if Manifold dies and must be revived afterwards. King in black. It was suggested that Orchis survive the attack by the X-Men in House of X somehow, but this confirms that they are not only active but planning to take the battle to Krakoa. The X-Men are in trouble enough already, and the threat from Orchis could make things even more difficult for Krakoa. As Gryich says, it’s only a matter of time before the X-Men make some kind of mistake, and when that time comes, Orchis will be ready to take on new recruits.

It is time for the heroes of Krakoa to really prepare for the tough battles to come; otherwise, they run the risk of being invaded by these many threats. And it’s good that Brand has been quietly preparing to have a secondary team of mutants on staff that he trusts, because confirmation of a mole in the group suggests that Orchis is already moving into position to take down the mutant race.

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