“It was Agatha the whole time.”


[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7.]

If you’ve seen the seventh episode of the enchanting Disney + series from Marvel Studios WandaVision, you may have a very important question: is it really Kathryn hahn singing?

In fact, as the checkered series nears its conclusion, Episode 7 revealed that Hahn’s “nosy neighbor” character is actually Agatha Harkness, a comic book character with witchcraft ties to Wanda (Elizabeth olsen). On the show, Agatha has been the one pulling the strings all this time, setting the boundaries for this state of altered reality in which Wanda has built a life with her resurrected boyfriend Vision (Paul bettany).


The series has been riddled with family comedy tributes, beginning in the 1950s and ’60s and moving on to the’ 80s, ’90s, and most recently to the 2000s with a Malcolm in the middle tribute. Each week, the opening credits sequence has a new theme song written by the Oscar winners. Frozen composers Bobby lopez Y Kristen Anderson-Lopez, but the main theme of Episode 7 came to the end with a little song called “Agatha All Along”.

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In the style of classic sitcoms and with a very heavy nod to the audience, “Agatha All Along” showed how Hahn’s character has been manipulating Wanda’s environment since day 1, and it was an incredibly catchy tune to boot. So is Kathryn Hahn really singing? According to Anderson-Lopez, it absolutely is:

Hahn has a voice role on the musical comedy series Apple TV + Central Park but she’s not necessarily known for being a professional singer, which makes her performance in “Agatha All Along” even more impressive. Is there anything Kathryn Hahn can’t do?


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Kathryn Hahn at WandaVision

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Casey Affleck and director Mona Fastvold on their LGBTQ-themed period drama ‘The World to Come’

Also, they chose to build the whole thing for the movie rather than shoot on soundstages.

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