Zack Snyder’s Justice League is nearing its release on HBO Max, and the new cut will apparently feature a “mind blowing” superhero cameo for fans.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is nearing its release on HBO Max, which will apparently feature a new special superhero cameo at the end for die-hard fans. Snyder did a series of re-filming for his director’s film cut, although most of the new footage in the four-hour re-release was shot during the initial production of the film. the League of Justice Snyder Cut will be released on March 18, culminating in years of successful fan campaigns.

The Snyder Cut will feature a variety of characters not seen in the theatrical version of League of JusticeEither because of cuts after Joss Whedon joined the project or, in some cases, because Snyder added them specifically during his new recordings. Jared Leto’s Joker, for example, did not appear in the original film at all, but will appear in the director’s cut during Batman’s Knightmare sequence. Other major returning characters include Martian Manhunter and key villain Darkseid.

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It looks like another undisclosed character could join the ranks. In a recent interview with Vanity fair, Snyder discussed the process of making his League of Justice a reality and some of the new details that fans can expect. That interview includes a statement that “[Snyder] has re-recorded the finale with a hero cameo that will blow even the most die-hard fans. ” There is no direct quote from Snyder on that particular matter, which means that the character in question will likely remain a mystery until the film is released. Still, the promise of a special cameo is cause for great excitement.

Green Lantern is a definite possibility for the new cameo, as it has been hinted at in different ways throughout the development of the Snyder Cut. Kevin Smith has mentioned Green Lantern as part of Snyder’s planned DCEU world, and he’s one of the more popular DC characters not included in the original release. It is unknown if a Green Lantern cameo would feature a Ryan Reynolds return or someone new to the role, if in fact he is the hero in question.

Of course, there are plenty of other DC characters that Snyder could bring in for a brief appearance. The trailer footage shots have shown Darkseid’s homeworld, Apokolips, and other minor characters from the villain’s comic arc such as Granny Goodness. Since the Snyder Cut is not technically stated in any official DCEU canon, there are few limitations on where the director could go and who he could summon. Fans will have to wait for the proper release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on March 18 to find out who the special character in the cameo really is.

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Source: Vanity fair

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