Anime shows, like many other forms of entertainment, feature all kinds of romantic relationships. This includes some pretty unfortunate love triangles.

Fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with love triangles. Some people love the extra elements of the story, while others feel that a love triangle adds unnecessary drama. Love triangles can divide fan groups, with different people wanting different results. There are times when the characters seem to end up with the wrong person.

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Sometimes things can go incredibly wrong. When a girl chooses a guy who has treated her horribly in the past, it can seem like she’s setting herself up for disappointment in the future. While there have been love triangles that ended well, there were many that ended somewhat tragically.

10 Digimon Adventure – Sora seemed to lead Tai in

Tai Matt Sora

Part of the problem with Digimon Adventure is the love triangle is the way this anime was adapted into English. The English adaptation tried to put pressure on Tai and Sora as a couple, sometimes removing things that would have turned things around in Matt’s favor.

In the series, Tai and Matt competed for everything. That included fighting for Sora’s love, although Tai seemed like the obvious choice. It could have been quite shocking for some fans to find out that Sora breaks up with Matt. Many felt that Sora and Matt made no sense as a couple.

9 Naruto – Naruto chose Hinata left many fans disappointed

Jonin in Boruto

Hinata loved Naruto since she was a child. She fulfilled her lifelong dream when she married him. Hinata seems to be the perfect wife and mother. She gave Naruto the opportunity to have a loving family, something that he did not experience growing up.

That happy ending is not enough for some fans. When the series began, Naruto made his love for Sakura incredibly obvious. Sakura and Naruto became close friends over the course of the series. Many fans are still disappointed that the two didn’t end up together in the end.

8 Fruit Basket: Tohru chose someone who made her uncomfortable

Fan Favorite Fruit Basket Characters

Tohru is torn between two boys in Fruit basquet. Kyo is a hothead who often seems to hate Tohru. Yuki treats her much more kindly, but considers her kindness an act. Tohru ends up marrying Kyo.

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While she and Kyo seem to have a happy life together, she still chose the boy who treated her so badly so many times. There are many times when her outbursts make her look uncomfortable. The two seem so different, it’s hard to understand how quiet Tohru could be happy with the Kyo.

7 Inuyasha – Kagome and Kikyo gave their lives for Inuyasha


The series ends with the marriage of Kagome and Inuyasha. It may seem like the two of you may end up living a happy life, but your relationship is fraught with problems. Kagome has to give up her family and a life in her own time. She is forced to live in the past in order to have a life with Inuyasha.

Kikyo’s life is completely destroyed due to her relationship with Inuyasha. She has her trust and heart broken by his love. She is killed and later resurrected. Her life is ruined by her love for Inuyasha. When given the option, Inuyasha decides to go ahead with Kagome. Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo, so Inuyasha basically ends up with a younger model of the girl he originally loved.

6 Sword Art Online – Asuna breaks up with a boy she never knew

Sword art online

Asuna was engaged to marry Nobuyuki Sugou. A marriage arranged by his parents. He probably knew that his parents would approve of a relationship with a normal boy like Kirito. When Kirito meets Asuna’s fiancé, the fiance forbids him to visit Asuna again.

Meanwhile, Asuna is being held hostage by her fiancé. Asuna hopes to be saved by Kirito, a boy she has never met in real life. Her incarceration seems to change her from a capable woman to a damsel in distress. Neither of them seems the ideal candidate.

5 Naruto – Sasuke always leaves Sakura behind

The dynamics of Team 7 are simple. Naruto loves Sakura and Sakura loves Sasuke. Your love triangle plays an important role in how you work together as a team. Sakura’s undying love for Sasuke is a determining factor in their relationship.

Naruto finally realizes that Sakura will always love Sasuke. He decides to move on with his life. Sakura’s love for Sasuke causes her many problems in life. She would do anything for him, and he gives little indication that he has feelings for her.

4 Boys Over Flowers – Tsukushi can choose between two thugs

Tsukushi Makino attends a prestigious school full of elites. She is the only person from a poorer family. His school is run by a group known as the Flower Four. The four boys run the school but they also act like bullies.

Tsukasa, the leader of Flower Four, takes an interest in Tsukushi. Meanwhile, she falls in love with her best friend. The anime ends with Tsukasa tricking Tsukushi into thinking that he is going to marry another girl, which only highlights the type of person he is.

3 Gundam Seed – Flay manipulates and ruins the guys around her

Flay’s parents arranged her marriage to Sai and Sai’s friend Kira had a crush on her for years. Their happy lives would be ruined by war. The death of Flay’s father would lead her to do things she wouldn’t normally do.

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Flay seduces Kira while she is still involved with Sai. Relationships between old friends break down. Sai puts his military career in jeopardy as he tries to prove himself as good as Kira. Flay manipulates Kira to get what she wants in life.

two Vampire Knight: Guilty – Yuki can only choose between his brothers

vampire Knight

Yuki seems to be in love with both Zero and Kaname. At the end of Guilty, he has found out that Kaname is his brother. Zero was taken in by her adoptive father and raised like her brother.

The only options she has seem to be two guys who are basically her brothers. Kaname is powerful and dangerous. Zero begins to hate her upon discovering that she is a pureblood vampire.

1 Death Note – Light, Misa and Kiyomi All die

Kiyomi Light Mass

Light seems to mainly use the two women in his life, Misa and Kiyomi. Misa is an idol who is somewhat obsessed with Light’s actions. She believes that Kira is in love with her despite evidence that she is not.

While living with Misa, he begins a relationship with another girl. He had known Kiyomi for years before hiring her to help him. Misa and Kiyomi would eventually die as a result of their relationship with Light. In fact, Light himself would also die.

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