Although mobile games have not always been widely accepted as a valid game format, at least more in the West, Japanese mobile games called gacha games have gained popularity around the world of late. Whenever a new game is announced, fans will often speculate whether or not it will get a western release translated into English, which is becoming more and more common as time goes on.

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It is more common for gacha games to be based on existing IPs, but on rare occasions, a gacha game’s story is so good that it follows an anime instead. Both types of programs will be covered on this list, with one big exclusion: the top house names everyone knows, like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Y My hero academia that everyone has gacha games, will not be mentioned. The reason for this is that almost everyone who is familiar with anime has already heard of these titles.

10 Princess Connect Re: Dive is based on the Gacha games of the same name

princess connect re dive core group

This series is one of the few where the game really gacha preceded its anime adaptation. Princess Connect Re: Diving he finally received an anime adaptation in 2020, but his gacha game was first released in February 2018 in Japan.

The anime was made by CygamesPictures, the sister animation studio of Cygames, the company that originally developed the gacha. This means there are no worries when it comes to animation or character inconsistencies, as everything is handled with care by the same loving team. It starts out as a fairly simple protagonist-amnesia plot, but the quirky, colorful, and lovable cast more than makes up for this being an overused trope.

9 Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story is still alive while the game’s English server was closed

Leave it to the Shaft studio so they can handle something like a follow-up secondary series for the always loved. Puella Magi Madoka Magica expertly. Not only is the story as gripping as the original, packed with characters and laced with the series’ trademark dark moments and backstories, but the animation is simply beautiful as well. The first season released in the first quarter of 2020, with a second season in the works.

Unfortunately, however, the English server for the Magia Record gacha game was shut down. There are still ways for American fans to play on JP servers, but this is without translation unless one goes online.

8 BanG Dream! He has phenomenal musical and vocal talents

bang dream poppin party

BanG Dream! is a mobile rhythm game that encompasses much more than just gameplay and anime adaptation. They have quite a few game servers for starters, offering more than the typical JP and EN / WW servers. They also perform live concerts and have a manga, as well as spin-off animated shorts that are not as long or serious about plot as the main show.

The music and vocal talents are phenomenal, and any fan of rhythmic gacha games will find at least one band or character to click with. The stories are heartfelt and engaging, and while the animation of the first season has its quirks, it only gets better as the seasons progress.

7 Revue Starlight combines school comedy with magical tragedy

kaoruko smiling sadly revue starlight

Revue Starlight is an incredibly unique anime that combines a school comedy of everyday life with a harrowing magical tragedy where those friends by day must fight for their wishes by night. Although the accompanying gacha is not a rhythm game, it incorporates the show’s soundtracks into its combat system in a unique way that allows players to choose their favorites.

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Both the anime and the game are great in their own right, although like many gacha games, PvP can seem unfair to free players. The game often collaborates with rhythm games like BanG Dream and Love Live, adding some limited crossover-based costumes and songs.

6 Fate / Grand Order series will have more anime adaptations to come

smiling mash from fate grand order

It’s hard to be a gacha player without at least hearing something about Fate / Grand Order, and that’s for an incredibly good reason. The character designs and personalities are phenomenal, and the story is much more engaging than you would expect from a mobile title.

The game was released in 2015 and some animated shorts were made between December 2016 and December 2018 for promotional reasons. It received its first real anime adaptation in August 2019 and ended in October of the same year. It is also slated for another series and the end of a two-part movie in the future.

5 Granblue Fantasy Animation has a different feel to games

granblue fantasy main character

Granblue Fantasy is an incredibly beloved and long-running gacha title that is known for its incredibly rich history, as well as how generous they are in giving free calls. The characters are wonderfully written and well-loved, but this particular title doesn’t come without two major quirks.

For one thing, the main character that fans follow on the show, Gran, is do not the same main character they play as if they are familiar with the gacha game, which can be off putting. Another jarring aspect is that the animation changes studio between the first and second seasons, and the difference is incredibly noticeable. Note that both studios do a great job, but the change itself can be strange.

4 The Idolmaster features over 700 characters

the idolmaster cinderella project

the Idolmaster The series cannot simply be described as a gacha game with an anime adaptation; rather, it is a surprisingly large media franchise. For any fan who wants more content on the characters they love, there really isn’t another series that can provide what the Idolmaster series has in store.

The series has released almost thirty games to date, as well as a faithful anime adaptation series. Some OVAs were also made, as were manga adaptations, anthologies, and light novels. Fans will never have to worry about not being able to find characters to join, as the series boasts a whopping 700 characters.

3 Love live! School Idol Project / Sunshine / Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Everyone follows various idol groups

honoka and ayumu from love live

Love live! has been one of the biggest names in the music genre for a while, as the original anime and gacha, School Idol Festival, came out in 2013. However, the reason it is on this list is that it has recently been revitalized. without only a new group of girls, but a new gacha game and an anime adaptation to go along with them.

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No matter which of the three main groups the fans fall in love with, there is at least a two-season anime following each group’s story as well as the OVA’s. So far, for Nijigasaki’s newest idol group, there is only a first season with a second season in the works. Both games, School idol festival Y School Idol Festival: All Stars, they are great, although the latter is not a pure rhythm game, but a creative reinvention of the genre.

two KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! It’s a fun Isekai to explore

KonoSuba's God's blessing on this wonderful world!  anime

If any reader has not seen yet Konosuba, Now is the perfect time to do so, especially for those who enjoy playing anime IP-based gacha games. The series has had a mobile game for about a year, and finally, in late 2020, it was confirmed that it would get an official English release sometime in 2021.

This is incredibly exciting news for fans. Not only are key story beats that fans are familiar with getting replayed, but English fans will also be able to access in-game exclusive story content for their favorite characters. For anyone who ever played Princess Connect Re: diving, combat is essentially the same but with Konosuba taste.

1 Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% follows a girl who wants to write a song for her favorite idol

cast of uta no prince sama

Uta no Prince-sama is another title on this list that is an absolute monster when it comes to the sheer number of titles that have been released for the series. The popular gacha rhythm game, Shining live it’s just one of 10 in the series, and it was the most recent released in 2017.

The anime adaptation follows a girl who wants to write a song for her favorite idol and attends a prestigious performing arts school to hone her skills. There is also a movie for the series, some manga volumes, and a series of plays.

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