In the world of anime, the mighty hero must be matched by one or two compelling villains, and some of the most memorable characters in anime are the most evil villains. Characters like Frieza, Captain Sosuke Aizen, Madara Uchiha, Zeref Dragneel, and Marshall D. Teach / Blackbeard come to mind, but what about some minor villains?

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Many anime series will have a handful of minor villains who actually only exist to provide additional fight scenes, but some of these minor antagonists had solid character design and deserved to be more than a one-time challenge for the heroes. Some villains should have stayed a bit longer in their respective series, all things considered.

10 Aaroniero Arurruerie, The 9th Espada (Bleach), never got a chance to show what he could really do before Rukia Kuchiki killed him.

Aaroniero Bleach

Given his unique powers and intense personality, villain Aaroniero Arurruerie, the ninth Espada, should have had a longer tenure on the series. It is one of the ten Swords, and it gained power through sheer gluttony. As a Hollow, and later as Arrancar, he ate a staggering 33,650 Hollows.

All of this makes Aaroniero a one-man army, capable of manifesting the form and powers of any of those Hollows. He also assumed the form and powers of Kaien Shiba, but that was pretty much all he did. Aaroniero never had a chance to show what he could Really do before Rukia Kuchiki killed him.

9 it’s all over now for Overhaul, The Mob Boss (My Hero Academia)

Sad mha review

Although the My hero academia The anime is not over yet, it feels safe to say that supervillain Overhaul has made his last significant appearance. After all, once he was defeated at the hands of Izuku Midoriya, he had both his arms rotten, courtesy of Tomura Shigaraki.

It’s true that Overhaul racked up a lot of action and drama in the first half of season 4, but some fans may be clamoring for more Overhaul action, and to see what else this brilliant villain and his incredible Quirk are capable of. But everything is over now.

8 Lust, The Assassin Homunculus (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), could have done more before being vaporized

lust homunculus fullmetal alchemist

Lust was one of the seven homunculous “sons” of the supervillain named Father, and he met a fiery end at the hands of Colonel Roy Mustang in about a third of the series. Until then, Lust was something of a squad leader among the homunculi.

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Lust did her job during that time frame, but given her remarkable wit and cool screen presence, she could and should have done more before she was vaporized. Imagine if she seduced and killed a few more heroes first to truly establish herself as a powerful villain.

7 Lara Tybur, War Hammer Titan’s Wielder (Attack On Titan), was capable of much more

The Nine Titans are divided between the Marley Empire and the forces of Paradise Island, and when Eren Yeager launched his reckless assault on the Marley Empire, he faced Lara Tybur, the woman who had inherited the Titan Warhammer.

Lara tried her best, but she couldn’t handle Eren and the Scouts at the same time. Her character received little development before Eren devoured her to steal her powers. What else could Lara have done if given the chance? What was he really capable of?

6 August, The Powerhouse Wizard (Fairy Tail), could have been explored in greater detail

august fairy tail

August was a member of the Spriggan 12, the elite minions of Zeref Dragneel and his Alvarez Empire. However, this empire and its 12 Spriggan champions were featured quite late in the story and practically rushed into the plot.

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August was the son of Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel, and while his personal story was tragic, his role in the story was brief and crowded in the final stage of the anime. If August appeared earlier and more frequently, it could have been explored in greater detail, including more action scenes (it’s fun to watch).

5 Imagine if the show gave Kureo Mado, The Obsessive Ghoul Hunter (Tokyo Ghoul), time to show off his entire collection.

Kureo Mado was a minor antagonist in the original series, as he was a CCG investigator with a cruel streak. Strictly speaking, Kureo was just doing his job, but he was brutal and ruthless, even to ghouls who were actually innocent (like young Hinami).

Kureo liked to collect kagune to make quinques, but little of this fascinating hobby was seen, as he was quickly killed by Ken Kaneki’s group. Imagine if the show gave Kureo time to show off his entire collection, and not just a sample of it.

4 It would not hurt to know a little more about how the life of Mother Spider Demon (Demon Slayer) had been

The powerful demon named Rui was a member of the Lower Moons, and once gathered a whole “family” of demons, modifying them to suit his spider theme. The “mother” of the family had considerable powers, but she was a tragic character. He suffered some physical and verbal abuse by his “son”.

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The demon mother was released from her fear and suffering when Tanjiro Kamado killed her out of duty. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little more about what her life had been like before and explore her own worldviews.

3 Too bad Goshinki, The Mind-Reading Brute (InuYasha), only lasted 1 episode

goshinki inuyasha

Many creative demons appeared in this fantasy anime, and one of them was a purple-skinned, horned demon named Goshinki. He was one of Naraku’s best minions at the time, boasting not only speed and strength, but telepathy as well.

Goshinki did not actually control people’s actions through telepathy or modify memories, but he could perfectly read the intentions of his enemies, and that alone was a huge advantage. It was also he who smashed the Tetsusaiga with his fangs, an impressive feat. Too bad it barely lasted an episode.

two Sasori Of The Red Sand (Naruto) should have had more opportunities to display his remarkable puppet collection.

Sasori was a fugitive ninja from the Sand Village who joined the dreaded Akatsuki organization, and earned his livelihood by performing powerful puppet jutsu. His collection easily put Kankuro’s to shame, especially since Sasori had also become a puppet.

This villain had a good fight against Sakura Haruno and Chiyo in the beginning Naruto shippuden, but it went down, and it didn’t appear in the shinobi war either. If only he had more opportunities to display his remarkable puppet collection and claim another victim or two.

1 Lord Boros, The Alien Overlord (One-Punch Man), might have returned to challenge Saitama again

Saitama, the great Caped Baldy, lamented the lack of worthy opponents … until he faced Boros, an alien commander with strength that almost rivaled his own. Saitama and Boros enjoyed their world-shaking duel.

However, it’s a shame that Saitama’s alien equal fell after a good fight. If he had miraculously survived, then he could have returned to challenge Saitama again and become the Vegeta of this series. But it wasn’t going to be.

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