If there were some commonalities between Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Y Attack on TitanIt would be that both animes have a lot of action, blood and characters that never move away from a fight. Furthermore, the protagonists of both anime are involved in many gruesome fights against supernatural beings with immense strength.

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In today’s media, many love to compare characters in a series and discuss how they fared in other worlds unknown to them. In that sense, considering which JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters can defeat a titan of Attack on Titan It’s certainly a fun topic to discuss.

10 Dio Brando, the World Stand user, can stop time and strike hard at a Titan

Dio has an evil smile on his face

Not only is Dio Brando an anime character who is downright selfish, but he also has the firepower to take down a Titan. Considering that Dio possesses the ability to stop time thanks to his booth “The World”, he wouldn’t have to worry about a Titan trying to make a meal out of him.

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Dio is also a ruthless and power-hungry individual out and about on the battlefield and would not let anyone, not even a monstrous Titan, overcome him. Since Dio can travel at high speeds thanks to “The World” and has excellent combat experience, a Titan would not want to be in his presence.

9 Star Platinum Stand user Jotaro Kujo is resourceful, has great willpower, and can stop time

Jotaro is not happy

Jotaro Kujo has overwhelmed his opponents many times, and a Titan would just be another victim he would add to that resume. Jotaro is an intelligent, sharp, and distant person with a kind heart and strong willpower to keep fighting. On that note, Jotaro also possesses a support that will give him more than enough power to defeat a Titan.

Jotaro’s position, “Star Platinum”, grants Jotaro incredible stamina, agility, and strength. Jotaro can also stop time, giving him an advantage against a monster-sized Titan. With this support at his disposal, Jotaro wouldn’t have to worry about breaking a sweat against a Titan.

8 Silver Chariot Stand user Jean Pierre Polnareff can take down enemies in a timely and accurate manner

Polnareff is ready to fight

Although some fans will argue that Jean Pierre Polnareff is one of the best supporting characters in the franchise., Many will agree that Polnareff possesses the strength to defeat a Titan. Polnareff is an honorable and dishonorable fighter depending on the situation he is in, as he will resort to dirty tactics to win a fight.

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Polnareff’s stand, “Silver Chariot”, is his line of both attack and defense, known for being fast, precise and timely in his attacks as if he were a well-trained swordsman. Considering Polanareff’s dominance with Silver Chariot and the Titans’ neck weakness, he should have no problem ordering Silver Chariot to target his weak point.

7 Hanged Man Stand user J. Geil can travel between any reflective surface and face devastating attacks

J. Geil's booth is ready for combat

TO Jojo The antagonist who would give the Titans some trouble on the battlefield is J. Geil. Not only are fans arguing that he is more powerful than Hol Horse and a character who shares no sympathy for the women he harms, but that J. Geil’s position will tear a Titan apart.

J. Geil’s booth, “Hanged Man”, allows this sadistic individual to travel from any surface that casts a reflection of metal into his eyes at the speed of light. Considering that the Titans don’t think while attacking or hunting human flesh, they will only become J. Geil’s prey.

6 Green Day stall user Cioccolata can inject carnivorous mold into opponents

Ciccolata looks deviant

An antagonist whose fight with Giorno Giovanni, many argue, was better in the anime, and a person who has the strength to defeat a Titan, is Golden wind Ciccolata antagonist. A Passione member and deranged surgeon who was fired for abusing and manipulating patients, Ciccolata is not a person a Titan should set as their next target.

Comparable to her sadistic nature, Ciccolata’s position, “Green Day”, allows her to inject her victims with mold capable of consuming meat. Along with his superior understanding of the human body as a previous surgeon, once Ciccolata learns of a Titan’s weakness through his neck, his mold will be the one to bite.

5 Giorno Giovanni, user of the Gold Experience requiem booth, can limit willpower and create life

Giorno doesn't seem happy

Not only can Giorno Giovanni defeat Naruto and Sasuke, but he can also defeat a carnivorous titan. Despite the fact that Giorno had a corrupt childhood that made him envious of others, his determination is a notable trait. However, your posture is what will help you seal the fate of a Titan.

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Giorno’s stand, “Gold Experience”, allows him to produce and manage life as if creating little creatures and plants. It can also launch a powerful variety of fatal attacks. His position later receives a buff called “Golden Experience Requiem”, which allows him to force his opponents into a death cycle and turn their strength and offensive capabilities to zero.

4 Kars, the leader of The Pillar Men, can produce sharp blades of light and has a deadly ultimate form.

Kars is up to something

Kars was not only a formidable enemy to Joseph Joestar the Battle tendency bow, he has many powers that will help him defeat a Titan. Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men and had the goal of ruling life in general.

Kars can produce light skid blades capable of cutting vehicles and bullets at high speeds. He also possesses immense strength, senses, regeneration, and other abilities after reaching his ultimate form. Despite being a villain who is not a stand user, Kars has enough weapons to take down a Titan.

3 Vanilla ice cream, user of the ice cream stand, can transform into a void that absorbs everything in its path

Vanilla Ice is thinking

Vanilla Ice was not just a formidable threat that took the lives of two of Jotaro’s companions in Stardust crusaders, can cause a Titan to suffer a similar defeat to theirs. Being one of the final enemies that Jotaro and his allies had to fight before meeting Dio, Vanilla Ice gave Polnareff, Avdol, and Iggy a true boss fight.

Vanilla Ice’s stand, “Cream”, allows you to swallow anything in its path after merging with your stand, with the only downside being that you have to expose yourself to manipulate the direction of your stand.

two Enrico Pucci, a multi-support user, can control gravity, speed up time, and has excellent strength

Enrico poses with his stand

Enrico Pucci is not only one of the most dangerous villains in the franchise, but he is also an enemy that would overwhelm a Titan. A faithful follower of Dio with a posture that grants him the ability to search the minds and souls of his enemies, Enrico Pucci is not a human a Titan would want to eat.

Pucci’s basic support “Whitesnake” has the power to slide a target’s abilities and memories, but may not be useful against an unsupported Titan. However, the acceleration of time from his “C-Moon” and “Made In Heaven”, his excellent strength and his powers of gravity control will seal his victory.

1 Tusk Stand user Johnny Joestar can fire fast nail bullets that can be upgraded

Johnny is making a move

Johnny Joestar was not only the JoJo that started the entire franchise, but he has enough powers to take down a Titan. Although Johnny may not be the strongest among the JoJo, his training with Gyro will serve him well if he ever fought a Titan.

While training with Gyro, Johnny achieved some intriguing powers with his “Tusk” stand. For example, Tusk’s first act, “Devil’s Palm” allows him to shoot sharp nails at a rapid rate. Not only that, but Tusk also has three other “acts” that further enhance Johnny’s nail powers in excellent ways.

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