In the world of Dragon Ball Z, fans are constantly witnessing characters strong enough to take down the planets if they wish. But that never happens, especially since the series has taken place on Earth and aside from a time or two, it has survived all these crazy fights that the villains put it down.

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But that doesn’t mean that all characters have clean hands. Dragon Ball Z is a franchise filled with beings that have been around for centuries and that have immense levels of power, even though viewers cannot see it. People might believe that the characters with the highest number of kills are simply those who have wiped out a bunch of enemy armies … but for these characters, destruction begins in cities and makes its way.

10 Androids 17 and 18 attacked the Trunks era for over a decade

If there is a group that is forgotten when it comes to beings that have a high number of deaths, it is androids. Trunks’ timeline was terrified for several years by androids just hanging around and blowing up everything they saw. They started off killing the Z Fighters and then proceeded to make everything else their playground.

This is rarely seen on the main TV show, and even when the viewer is shown the characters, mostly only Trunks comes back and kills them easily. But make no mistake: during their era, these were two of the deadliest characters of all. Dragon Ball Z.

9 Cell absorbed several cities to regain his power

Surprisingly, Cell has one of the lowest body counts compared to everyone else on this list. The character traveled to Goku and the other’s time, where he could finally absorb the androids and obtain his perfect form. But when he got there, much of his energy had been depleted and he had to regain it.

The character did so by absorbing entire crowded cities, killing millions to raise his power level high enough to achieve his Perfect Form.

8 King Piccolo had several centuries to destroy society

King Piccolo was alive for centuries and was essentially allowed to go free to Earth without Kami doing anything. Without Kami intervening, Piccolo was able to attack cities and destroy them, terrorizing Earth for years without anyone doing anything about it.

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The only person capable of stopping him was Master Mutaito, the man who trained Master Roshi. Upon escaping, he immediately began to devastate the rest of Earth again, wiping out everyone in the world martial arts tournament.

7 Vegeta destroyed the planet Arlia and spent decades working for Frieza

Without the anime, it’s hard to tell that Vegeta belongs to many of these characters. But since Dragon ball super has effectively tapped into most of Z’s filler canon, Vegeta’s time on Planet Arlia cannot be overlooked.

There, Vegeta had no problem simply destroying the entire planet when it got on his nerves. Then later, the character made his way through various Namekian villages, also attacking a small crowd during the Buu Saga to force Goku to fight him.

6 Frieza had a Galactic Empire, but he also blew up planets if he got bored with them

Frieza is one of the few people who has a high death count without being alive for millions of years. The character inherited a massive empire, only to continue to expand it over time. By the time he reached Planet Namek, Frieza had already gained control of 70 percent of the universe.

The character has a habit of blowing up planets whenever he dislikes them and has destroyed several, including the home of the Saiyans.

5 Majin Buu blew up several planets and killed several Supreme Kai

Majin Buu is another character that has been around for millions and millions of years. Five million years before Dragon Ball Z, the character blows up countless planets, including Planet Alpha, while his controller Bibidi was still on the planet.

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Buu would also enter a battle against the Supreme Kais, and defeat two of them before absorbing a third and a fourth. His first act after being freed from the Great Supreme Kai was to literally destroy all life on Earth, and by becoming Kid Buu, he blew up the planet.

4 Zamasu tried to eradicate all conscious life in his time

Perhaps one of the biggest killers who go unnoticed. Zamasu has his Zero Mortal Plan which involves him annihilating all the Supreme Kais and then annihilating various other planets in different universes.

Finally, out of sheer meanness, he attacked Trunks’ Land, killing the humans in it. His ultimate plan was to end all conscious life, apparently out of fear that someone might overcome it.

3 Beerus serves as the god of destruction and destroys planets on a whim

Like it or not, Beerus’s goal is to destroy. At Dragon Ball universe, Beerus is the other half of Supreme Kai. The character spends entire decades sleeping, then when he wakes up, he begins to raze the planets indiscriminately.

It’s meant to be a very serious job, but Beerus doesn’t take it seriously at all. Instead, he simply blows up any planet that gets in his way, even those that the Supreme Kai deems important.

two Moro was known to eat planets

Manga Dragon Ball Super Moro Namek Broods

Moro is millions of years old and was isolated for several million years due to his actions. The character gained the ability to consume all life and convert it into his own energy, which made him an unrepentant animal.

It destroyed the Iragi Star System that ended life on 320 planets, but that’s not counting what happened when it was released again. He put an end to multiple planets to increase his energy.

1 Zen-Oh has erased multiple universes in the series

Like it or not, Zen-Oh has the most kills of any character in all Dragon Ball. Even before the series begins, the character has erased six different universes, filled with more people than can reasonably be counted.

Not counting his actions during the Tournament of Power, where he systematically erased seven of the eight participating universes. While those characters were brought back, that was only because Android 17 wanted them back. Zen Oh’s plan was to erase all the universes if the right wish was not made.

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