Ash aspires to be the best Pokémon trainer, but he hasn’t taken every opportunity to catch these Legendary Pokémon.

With more than 20 movies and multiple animated series, Ash Ketchum had many opportunities to catch a Legendary Pokémon. Even though he encountered almost all of them, he forgot or even refused to catch them. A big reason for this is because there is usually some villainous force that wants to exploit the power of a Legendary Pokémon without regard for its well-being.

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Ash is the one who has to stop the villains, and letting the Legendary Pokemon enjoy his freedom makes him a much better person by comparison. However, he befriended most of the Legendary Pokémon he met, which makes it strange that he rarely asks them to join him on his Pokémon adventure, especially since his motto is to become a Pokémon master that he plans to catch. all types of Pokémon that exist.

10 Ho-Oh gave the ash his feather, but would rather fight it than catch it

Ho-oh fly in the sky

In both Pokémon: Indigo League Y Pokémon: I choose you!, Ash chooses not to capture the first Legendary Pokémon he had seen on his adventure. In the anime, Ash is not focused on finding Ho-Oh, contrary to the excitement he expressed when he considered meeting him. In the movie, however, Ash does his best to search for the Pokémon since Ho-Oh had given him a feather, and this is the focus of his adventure. Still, their main interest is fighting it rather than capturing it.

9 Volcanion had a device that dragged ashes

Volcanion prepares a water attack

In Pokémon: Volcanion and the Mechanical MarvelAsh doesn’t get a chance to capture the Legendary Pokémon for half of the movie. This is due to the devices on Volcanion’s leg and around Ash’s waist. Whenever they are at a certain distance, Ash is forcefully propelled towards the other device, meaning that the Legendary Pokémon was literally dragging the trainer with it wherever it went. Volcanion is also one of the few Pokémon that can speak the human language, and spends most of its time expressing its distrust of humans.

8 Magearna could not be ripped from Volcanion

Magearna looks up

Another legendary Pokémon in Pokémon: Volcanion and the Mechanical MarvelMagearna is a kind and caring Pokémon that has developed a close bond with Volcanion and the other Pokémon they live with.

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Volcanion spends the entire movie trying to protect or save Magearna from danger, even if it means putting himself in danger. Someone like Ash would never consider separating them, especially since Volcanion turned out to be the only one who could revive Magearna from her broken heart when no one else could.

7 Mewtwo distrusted humans and erased Ash’s memories

Mewtwo uses a psychic move

Mewtwo is more suspicious of humans, and for good reason. After its creation, Mewtwo was tricked into working as Giovanni’s weapon. Angered by the fact that it was being used and the fact that it was just a Mew clone, he created an army of clones free from the slavery that the captured Pokémon experienced. Although he saw the good in people at the events of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes BackHe still chose to erase the memories of the humans he came into contact with, including Ash, feeling that he and his companions would be safer that way.

6 Raikou didn’t stay long enough to get caught

Raikou stands with Suicune

Unlike the other two legendary dogs, Raikou hasn’t seen that much screen time. It is seen briefly in Pokémon: I choose you!, when Ash, Sorrel and Verity found him on Mount Tensei after meeting Entei and Suicune earlier. True to the nature of legendary dogs, Raikou doesn’t stay long, quickly disappearing after giving the protagonists a few seconds to admire him. Ash didn’t react fast enough to even consider catching him.

5 Lugia couldn’t be caught without dire consequences

Lugia carries Ash and Pikachu on her back.

When Pokémon 2000The villain captured Moltres and Zapdos, the world’s climate began to change for the worse. They were finally freed by Ash and his friends, but the birds decided to fight each other in a cataclysmic battle, which could only be stopped with the combined efforts of Lugia and Ash, who was the chosen one of the prophecy. Restoring balance was Ash’s priority, but seeing the consequences of catching a Legendary Pokémon convinced Ash not to try the same.

4 Jirachi was closer to Max than Ash

Jirachi smiles happily

Jirachi would not have particularly liked being caught by Ash in Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Master. The Pokémon can only stay awake for seven days, which is when Comet Millennium appears in the sky. There must also be a best friend chosen by near fate, who happened to be May’s brother, Max. These two characters quickly bonded, and Max was particularly sensitive about his limited time with Jirachi, having to sleep for another thousand years after the comet disappeared. It would have been cruel for Ash to catch him.

3 Celebi’s resurgence was more important to Ash than catching him

Celebi floats in the forest

When Ash met Celebi in Pokémon: 4ever, was terrified as he was being chased by a poacher, the Iron Masked Marauder. Both Ash and Sam, the coach of 40 years in the past that Celebi brought into the future, took the time to slowly join him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the poacher caught Celebi with a dark ball, which turned Celebi into a monster by force.

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The overuse of his powers ended up killing Celebi before other Celebi traveled back in time to save him. Ash seemed more pleased that he revived him than worried about catching him. Also, Celebi had to take Sam to his own time frame.

two Rayquaza was too powerful and destructive for Ash to bother to catch him.

Rayquaza floats in the sky

When Rayquaza attacked the town of LaRousse in Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys, destroyed a large part of the city in his fury. He has proven to be very territorial as he did not hesitate to attack Deoxys, acknowledging that he was not from the same planet. Most of the time, Rayquaza keeps to himself and stays in the ozone layer where no one can disturb him, but he was so powerful and destructive that Ash didn’t think about catching him in the middle of all the chaos.

1 Latias and Latios need to remain uncaptured to protect their city

Latias and Latios fly together

Both Latias and Latios were guardians of the city of Alto Mare, who would protect the city if it were ever in danger. Latias appears in front of Ash in Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias disguised as a girl, so his first instinct was not to assume that she was a Pokémon. Ash helps Legendary Pokémon when they are chased by members of Team Rocket, but does not catch them due to their role as guardians. Unfortunately, Latios also gives his life to protect the city.

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