Long-term franchises such as Pokemon Y Dragon Ball they will often have a plethora of tributes to each other within their variety of content, from anime to manga to games. An important way to pay homage to the opposite series is for the characters to share similar designs. Pokemon is well known for including tributes to famous influences like Bruce Lee with Hitmonlee.

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Between Pokemon Y Dragon Ball, there are many characters that appear almost identical or have the same characteristics. These similarities can be in direct appearance or even in personality. With more than 900 Pokemon and hundreds of Dragon Ball Characters there is definitely some overlap in the design.

10 Mewtwo looks like Freiza

Mewtwo Frieza

The two tyrant-like beings from each respective series, Mewtwo and Freiza, have a lot in common, not just in their basic forms but in many others. The main matching element is their light gray and purple color schemes, along with their oversized tails.

Frieza’s second form looks like Mega Mewtwo X with its horns and feet. Armored Mewtwo resembles Frieza’s third form, more alien-looking. There are other subtle similarities as well, such as Golden Final Frieza which has a halo and Mega Mewtwo Y has a similar build on its head.

9 Rillaboom looks like the great ape Goku

Rillaboom Great Ape Goku

What Godzilla vs Kong has shown in recent weeks, the monkey is king, and these two apes are top of the class. Rillaboom is the eighth generation fully evolved lawn starter Pokemon games, Sword and shield. The species is noted for its incessant drumbeat and wild grass manes.

Great ape goku It is a Sayian form that can be achieved during the full moon. In this way, the Sayian’s strength increases to immense levels. Some versions, including Vegeta’s, can adopt bright yellow hair, which is all fans are asking for.

8 Galar’s Slowking looks like Mr. Popo

Slowking mr popo

Based on the overall look, these two don’t look that close, but the details are where the similarities come to a head. Galarian Slowking is a newly introduced version of a Generation II classic, but with a poisonous twist.

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Both characters have a turban-like structure on their heads, with a shiny gem in the center of their foreheads. Slowking and Mr. Popo also have their eyes more focused directly below the gem, with wide mouths that are clearly outlined, although Mr. Popo recalls the offensive images of the black face similar to the original version of Jynx.

7 Sandslash looks like Raditz

Sandslash raditz

Most Saiyans have hair that glows gold as they turn on, but very few have hair as long as Raditz. Covering its entire back, its hair looks like a spiked defensive shield, resembling a Pokémon that has thick spikes on its back, Sandslash.

The evolution of Sandshrew, Sandslash is a pangolin-based excavator that has protruding spikes. This species can protect itself by using the spikes as a shield, or use them offensively in a manner similar to Sonic.

6 Tyrogue looks like Uub

Tyrogue Uub

The baby wrestlers in both series, both Tyrogue and Uub, are powerful versions of older characters. Uub is the reincarnation of Majin Buu, hence the reverse spelling of the name, and he becomes a student of Goku after their fight at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Tyrogue is the baby Pokémon that can evolve into the fighting trio, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop. Both young fighters have a great adoration for wrestling and a mohawk to show just how great they are.

5 Pangoro looks like Android 19

Pangorin Android 19

Not many characters in fighting games or series have the added feature of being thicker, but Pangoro and Android 19 fit that mold. Unlike many beefier fighters, these two characters are not just a joke about their weight, but also great fighters.

Their similarities don’t stop at their size either, as they are black and white in color and have a knack for violence. Pangoro tends to be less cruel, but can reach the same terrifying levels as Android 19 in a fight.

4 Rayquaza looks like Shenron

Rayquaza Shenron

Perhaps the easiest resemblance in the series, both Rayquaza and Shenron are great green dragons that have routinely played a significant role in the story in various versions of the franchises they came from.

Rayquaza is a major force in Emerald, Delta Episode, AlphaSapphire Y OmegaRuby, Y Destiny Deoxys. Shenron has appeared in almost every sagas of the Dragon Ball franchise. The two great green dragons are extremely powerful in their own way, with Mega Rayquaza being statistically strong, even being banned from competitive games, and Shenron can grant almost any wish.

3 Munchlax looks like Puar

Munchlax Puar

Like two creatures that hatched from eggs and can transform, Munchlax and Puar have many similarities in both appearance and personalities. The biggest similarity is in the overall design, as they both have a skin-like blue outline and cream-colored accents. Also, their bodies and ears are similarly shaped to be rounded and cat-like.

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These two little creatures have their strengths and weaknesses in combat, and both tend to let others fight as much as necessary. The two also have an immense need for friendship, with Puar as Yamcha and Munchlax’s best friend evolving when his bond with his coach is high.

two Lickilicky resembles innocent buu

Innocent lickilicky buu

Lickilicky is the evolution of Lickitung, only capable of evolving knowing the deployment. Innocent Buu is the first form of Majin Buu, created after Kid Buu absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai. The two characters are on opposite sides of the personality spectrum, with Lickilicky being more mature and Innocent Buu being more childish.

These two share many similarities, including their rosy skin, bulbous bodies, long tongues, and an antenna-like appendage on their head, which resembles a cap of hair. Ironically, they both get trapped in a ball frame, a Pokeball and a sealed ball respectively.

1 Sawk looks like Master Roshi

Master Roshi Sawk

Often underrated, both Sawk and Master Roshi are great fighters who have trained for many years, honing their strength. Master Roshi is over a thousand years old and is a martial arts master who trained warriors like Goku, Gohan, and Yamcha. Sawk, once it reaches its full capacity, can open an ocean with ease.

With similar fighting prowess, their physical similarities can be appreciated even more. Master Roshi and Sawk are bald fighters that can be found demonstrating their preferred fighting stance. Sawk is basically a muppet version of Master Roshi with no beard.

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