Frieza is perhaps one of the cruelest villains not only in shonen, but also in anime in general. Here are 10 times he was the best villain in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous and iconic anime series of its generation, and it’s amazing to see how it has arguably never been more popular. Dragon Ball Z presents a very conventional narrative when it comes to shonen series. Still, the exciting battle sequences and lovable characters have helped. Dragon Ball Z rise above the crowd and influence a new generation of titles.

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The heroes of the Dragon Ball universe They are fantastic, but the villains they face are usually just as important. Dragon Ball Z has an impressive gallery of roguesof enemies, but Frieza has worked hard to establish himself as the best.

10 When he destroyed the planet Vegeta and made the Saiyan race extinct

Perhaps the most destructive and defining act of Freeza’s career as a villain in Dragon Ball Z involves his controversial history with the volatile saiyan race. Over time, it is revealed that Frieza not only abused the Saiyans and manipulated people. Still, he also recklessly destroys Planet Vegeta, seemingly wiping out the Saiyans population, exposing a few. Frieza is frequently shown as the guy who destroys entire planets on a whim. His villainy is intrinsically tied to Goku and Vegeta’s origin stories.

9 After he returned in cyborg form to his father

Dragon Ball It has since reached a point where the return of a dead villain was almost expected, but in the early days of Dragon Ball Z This was unheard of and Freeza really started the trend. Goku’s fight against Frieza is exhaustive, so the idea that Frieza would still be alive after all seemed impossible at the time. The fact that Freeza returns with a mechanical upgrade and alongside his father sets the tone for Freeza’s relentless nature as the ultimate villain. It also makes it a fantastic introduction to Future Trunks.

8 His reckless slaughter of Nameks

There is a lot of Dragon Ball Z villains who act tough but are unable to go through with their evil plans. Frieza’s deadly reputation certainly precedes himself, but he also takes every opportunity to unleash his aggression on the innocent and bask in their power. Frieza is on Planet Namek for Dragon Ball purposes, and he is ruthless when it comes to his treatment of the planet and its people. Freeza tortures the population, but is also responsible for the destruction of the planet, leading to the extinction of the namekians for a moment.

7 When he destroyed the earth

Many might consider Freeza’s grand return and the reveal of his golden transformation as part of Dragon ball super but initially it occurs as a Dragon Ball Z movie, so it technically still qualifies as an event of the latter. Frieza deals a lot of damage, but can actually improve Goku and Vegeta by taking advantage of a window of opportunity.

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Frieza manages to unleash the destruction of Earth and the only reason complete annihilation is avoided is because Whis steps in and rewinds time. It forces divine intervention to take place.

6 When he killed Krillin

The battle against Frieza on the planet Namek is one of the most extensive encounters in Dragon Ball Z. Even before Goku takes on the villain for dozens of episodes, there is still tons of content with Frieza’s previous forms. It’s exciting to see Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin do their best against Frieza, but it doesn’t end well for some of them. Frieza kills Krillin, but beforehand he brutally tortures him when he catches him with the horn. Frieza’s joy right now is terrifying, and it’s just as hard to see him mercilessly beat Gohan, who’s just a kid.

5 When he escaped from hell

Anime Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Frieza Dead Army

The characters breathe a collective sigh of relief after Frieza appears to be finally killed, once and for all, by The Complete Extermination of Future Trunks of the character. It will later turn out that Frieza not only returns, but becomes an important ally in protecting the universe. However, before all this, Frieza is still a prisoner in Hell, a sentence he manages to avoid. The events of Fusion reborn, The 12 Dragon Ball Z film, details Freeza’s reign of terror both in Hell and after he briefly finds his way back to Earth and leads an uprising.

4 When he wiped out his entire army and showed no empathy

A villain should never be trusted, but with Frieza, that’s a double-down lesson. It is frankly surprising that Freeza is as trustworthy as he is during his participation alongside Goku in From Dragon Ball Super Tournament of power.

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Frieza has an impressive army in the form of his Freeza Force, but despite their loyalty to him, he feels totally comfortable turning them into cannon fodder. The most extreme example of this is in The resurrection of Dragon Ball Z ‘F’ movie, where Frieza’s power-up kills his entire team, which is something he’s proud of rather than haunted.

3 When he killed Vegeta and shattered his pride

Frieza has fun playing with his opponents and showing some restraint during his previous appearances, but it’s terrifying to see how many lives it takes once he loses his patience in battle. Beloved fighters like Krillin and almost Piccolo meet their end thanks to Freeza, and he’s also a sad fate that falls on Vegeta. Up to this point, Vegeta is under the illusion that he has become the legendary Super Saiyan. Frieza hammers how this is not true and destroys Vegeta’s pride in himself and the Saiyan race before executing him. It is a truly evil act.

two The first time it was transformed

It has practically become a foregone conclusion in Dragon Ball that the initial appearance of any villain is going to change at least a couple of times by the time he is out of the picture. Powerful and unique transformations They are now the norm, but Freeza really sets a precedent in this department. It’s really tense every time Frieza reveals one of his new forms, even if it’s not spoken for a long time. It feels really great in a way that Dragon Ball Z He hasn’t done it before once Frieza reveals that this is possible with a villain.

1 When his brother attacked the land in his honor

the Dragon Ball Z Movies are still hotly debated in terms of whether they qualify as canon, but one of the most hit movie villains is Cooler, Frieza’s brother. Cooler gets two movies and is a popular character who has appeared in many Dragon Ball Z videogames and the most recent Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime. Cooler leads an entire mechanical army against Goku and Vegeta in retribution for Frieza’s death. Frieza accomplishes a lot on his own, but he is a truly significant villain who can cause others to carry out their revenge after they are gone.

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