Soul Eater was one of the most famous shonen anime when it was first released, but it may be surprising how much it derailed from the manga.

As with many full-length sleeves, Soul eater’s The anime was not completely faithful to its original material. For the most part, it starts out that way, but halfway through, the anime has become its own entity. Unlike most series, it’s not even because they caught up with the manga too quickly. There were still many bows left to cheer on.

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The anime was ending, so they had to rush to a final battle with Asura. It’s part of why so many fans would like to see the series given a new anime that is more faithful to the manga, just like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was.

10 The existence of the Kishin egg

Kishin’s Egg is a concept that was created for anime only. A concept that exposed the fact that the members of the Death Weapon Meisters Academy needed to hunt 99 evil souls to reach the status of Death Scythe. Eggs are the first stage required to become a Kishin, suggesting that millions of them are running if not for the DWMA. The problem with that is that it undermines some of Asura’s appeal by being the first Kishin and the extremes Death went to to avoid another.

9 Anyone could consume souls in anime

death soul eater

The biggest difference between manga and anime is that anyone can consume souls in anime. In the manga, it is explicitly stated that only Demon Weapons could consume souls, which is the only reason the DWMA exists in the first place. The anime decided to move away from that and allow Al Capone to consume souls, which led to the complete creation of the Kishin Egg. It made the entire existence of the weapons moot, which made little sense considering the role they played in the story.

8 The creature Crona is forced to kill by Medusa is changed

Crona with her pillow in Soul Eater

Of all the characters in Soul Eater, few are as understanding as Crona. The horrors to which they are forced by Medusa are reprehensible in both medians. The anime tries to make things a little less dark as the scene changes in which Crona is forced to kill a creature.

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The manga has Crona killing a bunny, solidifying just how dark Crona’s childhood was. The anime softened that blow by turning him into a little black dragon, likely due to censorship issues.

7 Excalibur’s past with Arthur was never delved into the manga

Soul Eater Excalibur talking with cutout death, boy and black star

When Excalibur is mentioned, King Arthur isn’t far behind, so it’s hard to blame the anime for giving more details on this. The two are so intricately linked that it makes sense to go into that past. One of the less offensive filler / story deviations the anime takes, as Arthur is briefly mentioned in the manga. It helped give the weapon a little more depth, something that is justified considering it is the strongest weapon in the world.

6 Mifune didn’t kill White Star in the manga

In theory, making Mifune the White Star killer instead of anonymous DMWA members makes sense, as he is the great evil that Black Star must overcome, and killing his father adds to that fact. The problem is, White Star was never really a father to Black Star and was always treated like the horrible person that he was, so his death shouldn’t have provided an additional boost for Black Star. It’s a change that wasn’t terrible but that It didn’t have the desired effect, especially when Black Star let Mifune live.

5 Death does not die during his battle with Asura in the anime

By far, this is one of the most egregious errors and deviations that anime makes compared to manga. For a character as great as Death, death is necessary for Death The Kid to complete his arc and become the new Shinigami.

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It’s one of the most hyped moments in the manga, and the anime eliminates it. More than that, it is necessary to establish Asura as a threat and worthy of being the final baddie. To do that properly, a beloved character must meet his end.

4 There is no truce between the witches and the DMWA in the anime

Medusa, devourer of souls

At the end of the manga, an enchanted ending is met, as the witches and the DMWA find common ground with each other, putting aside their endless battle with each other after Asura’s defeat. A big reason for this is that Death The Kid is now the shinigami and decided that there will never be another Death Scythe. More than that, both Medusa and Death meet their end, helping to remove their built-in hatreds that help both sides move on.

3 Soul Never Becomes a Death Scythe in the anime

The Death Scythe is treated like a big problem in the manga, and when accomplished, it grants Maka enormous power, allowing her to keep up with both Black Star and Death The Kid, which was similarly expanded. It is a state Soul never achieves in the anime, as Arachne’s death is handled very differently. In the manga, Maka is the one who can kill her, while the anime makes Asura consume her. It’s one of the many reasons why the whole battle with him is so different in the anime.

two Maka kills Medusa instead of Chrona in the anime

As with Death’s survival ruining Death The Kid’s progression as a character, the same rings true here. It makes sense that the main character should defeat the main villain. That’s shonen 101. However, Crona’s relationship with Medusa was so horrible that it only makes sense for them to deal the death blow to their mother instead of someone else. The character is poorly managed overall during the anime, as half of the cool things they do in the manga never make it to the screen.

1 Justin Law never betrays DWMA in anime

In the anime, Justin Law stays true to the DWMA throughout the series and is generally shown as a fan of death, worshiping the Shinigami. That remains the same in the manga to some extent. However, the manga focuses on how lonely he is and how he cannot trust others. With a little push from The Clown, those troubles are exasperated and he is thrust into a stage of insanity, joining Kishin’s forces.

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