Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, and as such, he has teamed up with many heroes, some of whom he enjoys teaming up with and some of whom he would rather not be around. Even without superpowers, most heroes would rather have Batman on their side, as his nearly limitless resources and tactical knowledge have allowed him to triumph over some of the deadliest villains out there.

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Batman has teamed up with various Marvel heroes. While it can be very difficult to get along with him, there are definitely some Marvel heroes that it would be entertaining to watch him cross paths with and others that you should definitely stay away from.

10 I should cross over with Daredevil – Fans would love to see them fight together


Daredevil and Batman have a lot in common: they both fight crime, have tragic stories, and are skilled fighters. Daredevil is a bit stray than Batman, but like the Dark Knight, he also beats a lot of people he shouldn’t stand a chance against, like Wolverine or Spider-Man. Honestly, the team between the two would be secondary as the really fun part would be watching them fight each other.

The whole “superheroes fight then team up” cliché can get pretty tiresome, but this is one of those cases where it would be a lot of fun, mostly to end fan speculation about which of the two vigilantes would win in a fight.

9 He shouldn’t cross paths with Wolverine – he wouldn’t be as interesting as fans think he would be, as Wolverine wouldn’t lose to him

Wolverine family affair

Wolverine teams up with a lot of heroes, but seeing him and Batman teaming up wouldn’t be as great as people hope. It would be such a cliché that there really is no reason for it to happen. It would be exactly what everyone expects, and that’s not good.

Any fight between the two that would involve crossing would not help either of them. There is almost no way for Wolverine to lose to Batman, and if they find any way to make it work, it would make him look bad. It’s just not as interesting a crossover as people think it would be.

8 Should cross with Captain America – both would rely on each other’s skills in leadership and battle

Captain america with shield

Like Batman, Captain America surpasses his weight class. It looks like the two men would collide on the surface, but they are used to dealing with heroes who are similar to each other: Cap with Iron Man and Batman with Superman. This would lead them to work well together, each relying on the other’s abilities.

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On top of that, they would make an almost unstoppable fighting force – few enemies could stand up to the combined martial power of Cap and Batman. Add to that the intelligence of both men, Batman’s resources, and Cap’s wealth of experience, which would make for a very entertaining crossover.

7 He shouldn’t cross paths with Iron Man – Tony’s arrogance can get the best of him, and their personalities would clash

Iron Man with repulsors

Iron Man and Batman are very similar, but their differences are large enough to make a crossover between the two a chore. Iron Man can be very obnoxious, and his arrogance would make him collide with Batman from the get-go. He would constantly be trying to prove that he was better than Batman, which would be impossible, and it would drive him crazy.

Batman, for his part, would take too much pleasure in prodding Iron Man, and the entire crossover would be too antagonistic to be enjoyed, save for people who want to see two characters verbally fighting all the time.

6 Should cross over with Hawkeye: Batman is used to dealing with people with Hawkeye’s abilities, so they would work very well together

Hawkeye # 6-11 by Matt Fraction

On paper, it seems like the frivolous and highly underrated Hawkeye wouldn’t be a good fit with Batman. However, the Dark Knight is used to dealing with a very skilled but wide-mouthed archer and quickly realizes how good Hawkeye was. Hawkeye is used to working with others and would see that listening to Batman, while still giving him trouble because that’s how Hawkeye behaves, would work better in the long run.

A crossover between the two would be very entertaining, as both men got exasperated with each other but still calmed down quite well, working together to take down whoever was in front of them.

5 You shouldn’t cross paths with Mr. Fantastic – it would end up being boring because they’re too alike


Mr. Fantastic and Batman may get along, but the combination of the two know-it-alls wouldn’t be much fun for readers. While the two heroes could solve pretty much any problem, they met. The whole thing would be very dry. There wouldn’t be much conflict between the two, and their interaction would be a bit boring, with little to no drama between them.

Superhero crossovers need some fireworks, and Mr. Fantastic and Batman wouldn’t provide any. There is no problem that you cannot solve together, your interaction would not be very interesting, and few things could challenge you both. It would be quite boring.

4 Should cross with Black Panther – they both have similar personalities and would get along well thanks to that

Black Panther Marvel Comics

Batman and Black Panther are practically a dream team. There are few heroes who surpass Batman in almost every way, and that is Black Panther in a nutshell: he is smarter, richer, stronger, more skilled, and generally better. It would take Batman a while to figure out he was a second fiddle, and there’s a good chance they’d fight, that alone would be worth it.

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However, once they figured things out, they would work really well together. Both heroes would quickly gain a lot of respect for each other and bond very well once the initial feeling phase was over. In fact, Batman would probably be somewhat relieved that he didn’t have to be the smartest and best person in the room.

3 He should not cross paths with Hercules – both would try to outdo the other, causing trouble

Hercules and Batman would be oil and water from the get-go. While this kind of drama often makes superhero crossovers work, in this case, it’s hard to see them working well together. Both men would respect each other’s prowess, but their completely different ways of looking at life would make the whole crossover a bit too antagonistic to be credible.

On top of that, there isn’t much that Hercules needs Batman’s help with, and Hercules would be overkill for any villain Batman faced. They wouldn’t get along very well and there’s practically no reason for them to bond, which is not good for a crossover.

two Should cross paths with Cyclops – they would collide on certain things, but they would end up respecting each other

Classic X-Men 44 Cyclops

Cyclops and Batman would clash a bit at first, but they would quickly respect each other. Both men are consummate heroes and the best at what they do. Their abilities are quite complementary – they are both adept at tactics, and Cyclops’ long-range attacks would work well with Batman’s close-up combat abilities.

Together they would make a formidable team and they would work very well too. Batman would realize that Cyclops knows exactly what he’s doing and will follow suit, while Cyclops will use Batman’s abilities very well, something he had a lot of experience with. There would be few enemies that could make these two work together.

1 It shouldn’t cross over with Thor: Thor faces the supernatural, Batman faces normality

Thor Thunder feature

There is practically no reason for Thor and Batman to cross paths. The things they are faced with are too different; Thor deals with the most powerful cosmic and mystical threats out there. While Batman has experience with that sort of thing, it’s not something he generally gets too involved in unless he’s with the Justice League.

Batman’s street-level opponents wouldn’t really challenge Thor much, and Batman wouldn’t be of much help against what Thor faces. Their personalities wouldn’t clash too much, but no threat would make good use of both.

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