Juliana Custodio’s 90-day fiancé, Michael Jessen’s husband, looks unrecognizable in an old photo that is “2 years old and several kilos ago.”

Trust a 90 day fiancé love story like Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio’s to keep fans intrigued long after their stint on the show. While most fans did not see a happy future for Michael and Juliana, even though they tied the knot in the final episode, the couple are still happy together. Critics thought Michael was too old for Juliana and many believed that the Brazilian model was after his money. But Michael and Juliana are apparently more in love than ever, as evidenced by the throwback image the wine expert has shared on IG, which makes both of them seem almost unrecognizable.

Hatred seized Michael and Juliana in season 7 of 90 day fiancé, when the 41-year-old revealed that he was in love with his 23-year-old fiancee. After meeting Juliana at a party on a Croatian yacht, Michael, a divorced father of two, quickly fell in love. Their romance ran into some obstacles early in 90 day fiancé with Juliana who was denied a visa for doubts of “nefarious intentions,But he soon found his way into Michael’s family that included his ex-wife Sara and their children Max and Cece. The friction between Juliana and Cece was evident on screen, especially with the awkward pre-nup scene that vanished when she officiated at her and Michael’s wedding. And so far, things have only gotten better for the loved ones 90 day fiancé Couple.

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The way Michael Jessen write “my heart Juliana Custodio“In his IG bio he indicates his love for his 90 day fiancé wife, but it’s also the Greenwich-based businessman’s little throwback posts that say it all. Michael recently shared a “#TBT to a warm and comfortable place”Of him with Juliana as he wished for sunnier times in Connecticut. Flaunting the biggest smile on his Frank Zappa t-shirt, a different looking Michael is sitting next to Juliana showing off his best modeling look in a pretty floral dress. And obviously, fans couldn’t help but comment on 90 day fiancé the appearance of star husband Michael.

Michael has lost so much weight“Wrote a TLC viewer, but Michael clarified that the photo is”about 2 years ago and several kilos, “As he promised he was working to get back”Fit. “Another of Michael’s followers gushed:”I love your long hair. So cute, “And many other fans seem to have”envy t-shirtSeeing the photo. But after more than a year since its season 7 90 day fiancé debut, the hatred towards Michael doesn’t seem to have stopped. One reaction read: “definitely looking so creepy,” Y “yay, you found a kid out of the country .. for wife. “

But Michael surely knows how to handle weight well as his responses to criticism are always friendly and without malice. The couple were last seen celebrating Super Bowl weekend with 90 day fiancé co-stars Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro. Interestingly, even Tania and Syngin are a couple that fans never thought would last. How much more 90 day fiancé couples hang out together and post photos together, often spending more time responding to unpleasant comments.

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