Jovi Dufren’s underwater robotics work has always been interesting to fans of 90 Day Fiancé, but they also want him to have a cocktail-based side hustle.

With an exciting job that allows him to travel around the world, Jovi Dufren has one of the best careers among all his 90 day fiancé co-stars. But fans seem to have a problem with Jovi’s affection for alcohol, especially now that he is the father of a beautiful girl with Yara Zaya. However, some of Jovi’s fans feel like he could have an exciting side hustle if the 90 day fiancé celeb could combine your passion for drinking with your wanderlust.

It was while he was alone on a business trip as an underwater robotics expert that Jovi met his 90 day fiancé wife, Yara Zaya, on a travel app. But while 90 day fiancé Star Jovi seemed to be the perfect partner for Ukrainian globetrotter Yara, her drinking turned out to be the cause of their many fights. TLC fans began to notice that Jovi was carrying a plastic cup in almost every scene. Meanwhile, Internet detectives discovered a criminal record that Jovi had been arrested twice for alcohol, prompting them to declare that he possibly had an addiction. Although partier Jovi denies that he drinks alcohol every day, it is almost impossible to see a post from Yara’s husband on his own Instagram without a drink in hand. It was one of those IG uploads by 90 day fiancé Celeb Jovi who gave a fan an idea they could definitely use.

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So far, fans have seen Jovi He poses with various cocktails and beers on his Instagram, looking his happiest in every image. Recently, a photo of the 90 day fiancé The personality of Yara and her little daughter in Miami went viral, in which Jovi is holding a Corona beer. Just before that, Jovi posted a photo of himself drinking a Cachaça-based Caipirinha. “Caipirinhas are one of my favorite drinks.“Jovi wrote, before adding,”Never forget the first time I had one in Brazil. “It didn’t take long for 90 day fiancé Fan feedback will come as soon as Jovi hits upload:

What caipirinha do you like the most? I like the caipirinha with strawberry or lemon“A TLC viewer asked Jovi, who responded quickly,”THEriginal just for me. ” Other 90 day fiancé fan joked, “The $ 1 million question is what alcoholic beverages you don’t like. “But an interesting comment came from a Jovi fan who wrote:”You should offer cocktails from all over the world on your travels. Specialty cocktails, “And he asked Jovi to get a”side hustle. “Another fan replied:”Tyours is a great idea, “And suggested that Jovi could”build a strong GI”With his travels. Jovi’s follower continued: “TOand the angle of the cocktail is a great niche. I don’t understand why some of these Karens hate him for enjoying a cocktail here and there. “

curiously 90 day fiancé Star dad Jovi liked all of these thank you comments. Could fans expect to see Jovi double down as a mixologist on his IG page soon? Perhaps, it could also involve Yara as a cocktail reviewer influencer!

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Source: Jovi Dufren / Instagram

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