Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester have had a lot of trouble with the 90-day fiancé. However, a fan revealed a shocking update on their relationship.

Over the past seven years, many fans have been interested in how 90 day fiancé relationships result. While some relationships end in a messy divorce, a surprising number of couples stay together after the season ends. Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester are an example of a pair of fans who are expected to fail. The seventh season pair featured a lot of issues, with many fans citing Tania as one of the most disgusting cast members in the show’s history. However, a fan recently came across the couple and revealed that they are still together despite their past drama and problems.

The couple, who also appeared in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, It featured a relationship that many fans thought would not last. Instead of comforting her nostalgic South African partner, Tania repeatedly teased him and criticized his drinking. Tania revealed herself to be an unreliable and often unkind partner to Syngin, causing many viewers to support the pair in breaking up. Although the couple announced that Tania was helping Syngin gather her green card documents to make herself feel like a permanent fixture in her native Connecticut, and the couple have shared racy photos together, fans were still skeptical about the length of her life. relationship. Surprisingly, a fan revealed that the couple seem happy together.

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Recently one Reddit user a photo of herself with Tania and Syngin at the airport. “Tania and Syngin spotting on my flight from LAX to ATL! They were kind enough to let me take a picture! ” she wrote. “Are you still together ?! Not even your soul mate“wrote a fan, referencing Tania’s infamous line. For fans who might have forgotten, Tania previously devastated Syngin when she revealed that she did not consider him her soulmate. Although viewers mostly disliked Tania, many they were supporting Syngin. “Love that you can tell Syngin is smiling even though she has a mask on.“wrote a commenter on the photo. You can see a screenshot mail below:

I can’t believe they’re still together. Unpopular opinion here, I actually like Syngin“wrote a fan. Many were quick to chime in that they also liked the male half of the couple. Fans were quick to comment on the couple’s appearance as well.”Syngin seems like the sweet owner of a little bookstore that she would definitely take a book recommendation from,“One person wrote, while another added that they had developed a”dad bod“Others defended Syngin’s appearance.”He looks good. I arrive at the airport at 4 without sleeping or late after a long journey up the ass. The people at the airport are interesting, but you can’t judge them“wrote a fan.

Some commenters speculated where the pair might be headed. “I notice a lot of 90 days of different seasons in LA this week, “wrote one person.”Filming pillow talk in fake bedrooms, maybe? 🤞 “someone theorized in response. Some users commented that a report from the most recent season is being filmed this weekend, while others speculated that Tania and Syngin might be filming content for 90 days naked all. While many viewers have received the new Discovery + streaming service with lukewarm responses to negatives, some have been tuning in to catch the new. 90 day fiancé disclosure of the content of the franchise.

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

Source: Reddit

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