Ahoy’s Penultiman shares many commonalities with DC’s Superman, but a huge difference in their pasts ruined Penultiman’s life and saved Superman.

Every aspect of Ahoy Comics’ Penultimate could be essentially a tongue-in-cheek DC take SupermanBut their similar stories, powers, and unique relationships with a particular alien species whose planet they live on prove that DC’s Man of Steel growing up without his biological parents was a gift in disguise. The truth is revealed by realizing the amount of time Penultiman spent with his family, and how this shaped him when he became the hero of Earth.

The many levels of irony that saturate Penultimate goes back to the moment of his birth. The boy who would become Penultiman might have been born with incredible supernatural abilities and a sculpted body that would have been celebrated on Earth, but the world he came to saw these qualities as a form of return. His people valued the intellect over the physical. Also, Penultiman had sexual organs and they were asexual.

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Unlike Superman, who grew up loved before the destruction of Krypton, Penultiman’s parents hid their son from the public eye because they knew the so-called Evolution Police would send him back in time to which he belonged. When they found him, Penultiman’s parents were able to convince the police to send him further into the past to make him stand out: the Earth of 2019. But that ends up being the problem. Growing up, Penultiman was criticized and ridiculed. In fact, one of the policemen vomits when he sees his sexual characteristics. So when Penultiman is transported to Earth 2019, he experiences something very different: love, acceptance, and admiration. Because he is so evolved, Penultiman eventually becomes Earth’s superhero.

But the problem is that he is depressed and hates himself, unlike Superman, who generally has his sanity under control throughout his many arcs. What exacerbates Penultiman’s situation is the fact that his robot, Antepenultiman, excels at everything that fails. After some detective work, Antepenultiman realizes that Penultiman hates himself because the only people he cared about and wanted admiration for were his superiors and he didn’t like them. Meanwhile, everyone on Earth was inferior to him and loved him.

This conclusion makes sense since its own identity is based on an acronym that contains a part of the word penultimate, which means “last minus one in a series of things; penultimate. “Meanwhile, the scientific name of his town is The last person; ultimus which means “more distant, more distant or final”. The name he gave himself, which could have been anything, makes him a second-rate person. In the meantime, Superman contains one of the most positive words in the English language, Super, mainly due to his great amount of amazing powers.

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Throughout the Ahoy series, Penultiman spirals out of control when he tries to think positively about himself, then adopts a damaging mindset that leads the distraught hero to lash out at all who loved him when he felt he didn’t deserve it. In the end, the only way he ends up finding happiness is when Antepenultiman takes over while Penultiman and Penultiman take on the role of Antepenultiman. The new Penultiman then blames everything that went wrong in the series on his old master, whom he must now hide from view because he hates him.

All of this essentially shows that it’s a good thing that Superman never met his parents. Since both characters are literally gods living in a strange world while separated from their families, it wouldn’t be surprising if they experienced feelings in a similar way. If Kal-El grew up on Krypton into his teens, his family and most of Krypton would have likely treated him normally, so by the time he was sent to Earth, Superman would have likely longed for humans to treat him. to him the same way the Kryptonians liked how Penultiman needed to be hated by his superiors. If these Earthlings behaved differently, then Superman might have experienced something as unpleasant as Penultiman did. Unfortunately, this is almost guaranteed to happen just because of his amazing powers. And without the help of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman would have had no one to help him.

But luckily for Kal-El, Krypton was destroyed when he was just a baby, so he grew up only knowing what he experienced on Earth and didn’t suffer the same kind of shock as Penultimate made. So maybe it was a good thing that Superman never met his Kryptonian parents. We wouldn’t want a depressed Superman, now would we?

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