Overwatch 2’s PvE mode introduces several new enemies. Here’s everything fans need to know about the PvE enemies coming to Overwatch 2.

Thanks to his own exhibition at BlizzCon 2021 over the weekend, Overwatch 2 And the developers have teased a good number of new features and content coming to the long-awaited sequel. During the event, the Blizzard developers showcased new hero maps and skins, but numerous new PvE enemies were also shown. Here’s everything fans need to know.

Overwatch 2 will have its own PvE story campaign, which means that players will go around the world and face hordes of Omnic enemies. Grunts seem to function like Nulltroopers and will apparently be the basic enemies found in the game; however, there will also be an Elite version of this enemy. Rapists are dangerous enemies with bombs on their backs. They will run towards players or targets and need to be eliminated quickly before they explode and deal massive damage.

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The orbiters look like flying drones streaking across the sky, although very little is known about them at this time. Slicers, the bots with chicken feet from SupervisionUprising, will also reappear in Overwatch 2. Shooters are an interesting new PvE enemy who look like witches and throw orbs at players to lure them in. If a player gets too close, they will die instantly.

Explanation of PvE enemies and the giant boss of Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 PvE Enemies

While a lot of attention may have been paid Overwatch 2Updated hero skins, PvE enemies shown at BlizzCon look great. Rounding out the most common PvE enemies players will encounter are Artillery and Jumper enemies. The jumpers were called skirmishes in 2019 when Overwatch 2 was first revealed, but they’ve changed their name even though they still look almost the same. Jumpers can jump great distances and fire cannons while in the air. Artillery, meanwhile, are massive foes with double-wielded cannons, which players will have to fire if they want to survive.

The first new PvE boss was also teased during the event. This boss is called Behemoth, and it serves as the final fight in one of Overwatch 2New maps of Rio de Janeiro. Resembling a giant robotic rhino, Behemoth charges at players and also has ranged weaponry. Overall, Behemoth seems like a pretty interesting Omnic PvE enemy.

Of course there are also plenty of unconfirmed PvE enemies at this point, including potential new or returning Talon enemies. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to see what other enemies are confirmed before Overwatch 2release date. For now, however, these were all the new PvE enemies displayed by Overwatch 2 during this year’s BlizzCon.

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