The girl behind the Angry Miz Girl GIF reacted when The Miz won his second WWE Championship and shocked fans by admitting that she is happy for him.

The girl who went viral as the star of The Angry Miz Girl GIF replied that Mike “The Miz” Mizanin won his second WWE Championship this week.

Shortly after The Miz cashed in on his Money in the Bank briefcase and pulled Drew McIntyre out on February 21, WWE reposted the GIF of Caley’s death gaze from 10 years ago, along with the caption: “Somewhere instead, #AngryMizGirl is pouting again. ” Sportskeeda She responded by asking Caley, the girl behind the GIF, how she really felt about The Miz winning her second title.

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“I personally think he’s one of the best on the list,” Caley revealed. “I know it’s a big change from my opinion of 10 years ago, but I love him when he’s a heeled champion. She added,” I think he has the personality for it.

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Caley became a favorite with WWE fans after The Miz won the WWE Championship by defeating Randy Orton in November. October 22, 2010. Moments after The Miz claimed his title, the camera swept across the arena and captured the hilarious reaction of 9-year-old Caley, who appeared to be firing lasers with his eyes at The Miz.

While The Miz successfully defended the coveted title against John Cena at WrestleMania 27, Caley won the 2010 Slammy Award for Reaction of the Year from Fans of the WWE Universe.

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Caley also shared that he has actually built a friendship with The Miz since it was initially labeled as his biggest critic, explaining, “I loved meeting The Miz and he was always very nice to me and worked really hard, so I definitely think he he deserves it. “

In November 2020, the WWE Universe commemorated the 10th anniversary of The Miz’s first win by posting a screenshot of Caley’s iconic glow with the caption: “10 years ago today …” Caley shared the WWE post on his own Instagram account a few hours later. , writing, “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years,” along with a signed photo he received from The Miz.

WWE laid the groundwork for The Miz’s second championship last year when the A-list wrestler won the Money in the Bank briefcase in a singles match against Otis. It is not clear how long he will be able to keep the title in the future.

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