Clare and Dale seem to be back together after a brief separation. The couple were seen kissing and holding hands on a Florida beach over the weekend.

High school‘s Clare Crawley and Dale Moss appear to be back together after a brief separation in January. The couple were seen kissing and holding hands on a Florida beach over the weekend. Clare and Dale’s quick engagement in High school last spring had fans spinning. The two got engaged after knowing each other for just two weeks and left the show early, which was unprecedented.

After displaying their love on social media for five months, Dale announced their separation in mid-January. There was a lot of drama surrounding the breakup. Dale was accused by many of being with Clare only for fame or money because he did not act heartbroken on social media or in the press. Clare, on the other hand, was very open about how difficult the breakup was for her. After a month of apparently no contact, the couple was spotted drinking together in Florida. Reports say Dale reached out to Clare in hopes of softening the drama of the breakup.

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However, it seems that Dale got more than he bargained for. After days filled with speculation, the couple apparently confirmed that they got back together with a kiss on the beach, as reported. The Daily Mail. They have been spotted having drinks, dining, and posting what appeared to be the view from the same hotel room on Instagram. While the pair were shy about posting on their social media, it’s obvious to fans that they’re seeing each other. The kiss is the first confirmation that their relationship has really returned to normal. While on the beach together, Clare and Dale were openly affectionate despite the presence of photographers and many bathers. It seems they are ready for the second round.

Despite seeming very much in love, it is unclear if Clare and Dale are engaged again. Fans saw a diamond ring on Clare’s finger in a recent Instagram story, but the ring is a piece that Clare bought for her, not the one that Dale gave her. Clare and Dale originally parted ways because Dale wasn’t ready for as big an engagement as Clare wanted. He’s seven years her junior, so it makes sense that marriage and kids aren’t on her immediate agenda. This could also be the reason the couple hopes to reengage.

Clare previously expressed an interest in seeing if she and Dale could work things out, while Dale kept her feelings more private. Sources said Clare was reluctant to answer Dale’s calls when he first approached her, but couldn’t deny that she still had feelings for him. I hope everything goes well and they can continue to be happy.

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Source: The Daily Mail

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