In DC’s Future State, Batman’s crusade in Gotham City ends in more ways than one, and a new era begins with several of his villains.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: The Next Batman # 4, Batgirls Part Two by Vita Ayala and Aneke.

In dc Future state, the allies of bat Man Those still left are doing their best to oppose the oppressive regime that rules Gotham known as the Magistrate, forming a resistance movement to fight back. However, these vigilantes fighting in this new dark age are making some new discoveries, and Barbara Gordon, in particular, comes to believe that Batman’s destruction was due to his villains, but only because he had “villains” in the first place.

The second part of the story Batgirls of the writer Vita Ayala and the artist Aneke appears on the pages of Future State: The Next Batman # 4. In it, resistance members Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are staging a breakout at one of the Magistrate’s prisons, and soon find Barbara Gordon, whose brain the Magistrate had barbarously wired into their computer systems. While Nightwing is obviously eager to get the first Batgirl out of there, Barbara is determined to send a message to Gotham, asking her fellow Batgirls to buy her time as she hacks into the Magistrate’s systems.

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Once inside, Barbara resumes her role as Oracle, speaking on behalf of her fellow vigilantes to the people of Gotham, offering a message of hope, determination and also a concession for what she sees as a huge mistake on their part. one. It started with Batman and naturally spread to the rest of the Bat family over time. The mistake itself was perpetuating the fear that resides in Gotham simply by fighting its rogues and villains, rather than helping them and giving them a chance to redeem themselves. Of course, this same source of unending fear is what led to the rise of the Magistrate in the first place.

Future State Oracle

Essentially, Barbara has come to realize that because all the Dark Knight and his Bat Family did was fight the villains of Gotham, they gradually contributed to that fear, leading to Gotham’s desire to outlaw the vigilantes and the start of the Magistrate. Instead, they should have given some of the villains opportunities to be better and redeem themselves. For example, many of the villains in the prison helped Stephanie organize the distraction and ruckus to break out. Villains like Killer Croc and Poison Ivy can be reasoned with if given the chance, and Barbara thinks that’s something that should have happened in DC’s current timeline, as opposed to what has happened here in the future, where the concept of Batman and his original The Crusade eroded due to the existence of constant villains with little to no chance of their coming back to light.

As a result, the resistance is eager to turn the page to a new chapter for Gotham City: “No more black coats.” Now, several of these villains have had a chance to prove their worth by joining the resistance, and a hopeful new dawn has been created in DC. Future state, one that can redeem Batman Original mission to seek true justice in the city.

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