Battlefield 6 leaker Tom Henderson had Twitter suspended and some YouTube videos removed, but maintains his initial report.

A noteworthy Battlefield 6 The leaker has been suspended from Twitter. The leaker also had to remove his YouTube videos, causing many to wonder if his coverage bothered the folks at EA or DICE, leading to potential legal trouble.

After a couple of relatively bumpy innings, Battlefield fans have been waiting for a return to form. The leaks seem to indicate that the game will return to a modern setting and bring a new level of scope and scale to the already massive franchise. The series made a name for itself for its large-scale 64-player battles with large maps, vehicles, and dynamic maps. Players can blow up walls and even knock down entire skyscrapers with enough effort, making the franchise a refreshing change of pace from more linear shooters like Obligations. With rumors that Battlefield 6 will up the ante with 128 players, it looks like DICE could change the FPS game again.

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The leaker who has brought fans much of this information, Tom Henderson, has been suspended from Twitter (via VGC), Nevertheless. The notable leaker also removed several Battlefield 6 content from his YouTube channel, indicating that the suspension was definitely related to Battlefield 6. Despite the removed content, you keep your reports. “My Twitter was suspended and I got a notice why so I protected myself before / if things progressed. I’m still waiting for official Twitter news” saying Henderson on a backup Twitter account. “I hope everything I have said above, but I just needed to remove the source of the content.

EA has already confirmed that Battlefield 6 It will be released later this year and has actually hinted that the leaks are true. The company noted in an earnings call earlier this month that the game will usher in a new level of scale for the series. “The game takes full advantage of the power of next-gen platforms to bring massive, immersive battles to life with more players than ever before. With maps of unprecedented scale, the next edition of Battlefield takes all the destruction, player agency , the vehicle and weapon combat that the franchise is known for and elevates it to another level,“said Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, at the time.

This chain of events, along with the Henderson leaks that were picked up by the media, could mean that EA is not interested in the information about the game being spoiled before the official reveal. It also likely means that some, if not all, of the information is legitimate. Battlefield 6 It is scheduled to be revealed later this spring with a festive release date of 2021.

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Source: Tom henderson (via VGC)

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